Friday, September 7, 2012

Just tickled pink...

Over the summer we've been doing some work on our home.  New paint, new carpet, new bathroom fixtures.  We're getting ready to try and list our home for sale.

We've been so busy, it seems like we haven't had a free moment this summer.  Between all the work, cleaning up and de-cluttering we've snuck in weekend days at the pool and time with friends.

This Labor Day weekend however, we decided was a time to get away.  A time for us to spend some time relaxing together.  A few weeks prior we planned a trip for the weekend down to Sanibel Island, FL.  It was a place I've wanted to go for a while and a place Mr. Potts spent his summers shelling on the beaches there.

We spent days in the sun strolling the beaches and finding all sorts of shells.  We lounged under umbrellas and listened to the crash of the waves.  Our evenings were spent in little seaside restaurants enjoying our time together and each other.

Our first day there was spent talking about our future and what it holds for us.

Our first evening was kicked off by a walk on the beach where we paused for some time and then opened an envelope which had traveled down from Charlotte with us.  Inside this envelope we found the following message:

Congratulations!  It's a GIRL!!!
We were both so excited, thrilled, over the moon....tickled pink.

That's right.  We've been talking and planning and speculating about our future and our growing family.  A family of two which will become a family of three (5 if you count Hayden & Pepe Cat - which we do) March 6, 2013.

We couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate our Labor Day.

I hope yours was magical as well.