Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fried Chicken


That's what's for dinner tonight. Mr. Potts specifically asked for it. Because I make some rockin fried chicken.

Pictures later, promise!

It reminds me of the country song Chicken Fried.
"You know I like my chicken fried
Cold beer on a Friday night
A pair of jeans that fit just right
And the radio up..."

Catching up & a Thank you!

*****Edited to Add*****
I need to add a special Thank you to Bridge over at Sunflowers and Dragonflies. I was late in doing this - so she gets a shout at the top! She hosted a giveaway & I WON!!! She sent me the cutest tote and it had a special surprise - Gummi Bears! I love gummi bears. Her husband is a recent college graduate and is a new 2nd LT in the Air Force - please go congratulate her & if you're a military spouse, welcome her to your family.

Thank you Bridge! I LOVE it!

I mentioned last Friday that I had been bad about sharing awards and tags. I went back through my comments and tried to find what I had missed. So here are two!

Kimmie over at Full Circle gave me the Queen of all Things Awesome.

This is what I am supposed to to since I have been tagged:
1. List 7 things that make me awe-summm.
2. Pass the award onto 7 bloggers that I love
3. Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens too (and link back to the Queen who tagged you).

Amber at Life as We Know It tagged me in Tag You're It.

The rules to this are:
  1. Mention the person that tagged you.
  2. List six unimportant things that make you happy.
I'm taking the two lists I was supposed to make & combining them into one with 7 items.


  1. I remember people's birthdays and send them cards. Sometimes cute little gifts too - usually from HandPicked.
  2. I love to eat. Now, I don't know if that is particularly awesome or unimportant. But, my list - I get to pick. I love food. Thai food, sushi, Eastern NC BBQ, Veggies, Meats, Tapas (if you're ever in Charlotte, go here), pizza, pasta, breakfast....there's not much that I don't like.
  3. As much as I love to eat, this one should not be a surprise - I love to cook. And I'm pretty good. And Mr. Potts not only likes what I cook, but has started requesting certain dishes.
  4. I'm nice. Truly, genuinely nice. I think that is both awesome as well as something that makes me happy.
  5. I can sleep anywhere. Put me in a car - I'm out. Put me on a plane - I'm out. Give me a bed - I'm napping. On a couch on a rainy day - out. I've even contemplated whether I could get away with crawling under my desk & napping. I think I'd be found out though.
  6. I like singing. I never said I was any good.
  7. 80's music (think Tiffany, NKOTB, Hair Metal) is sorely missed in my household. Mr. Potts & I both have a ton of this (not Tiffany or NKOTB for him) on our iPod's.
And happiness comes in the form of my niece & nephew. I'll share a picture tomorrow of my niece with Hayden this past weekend.

I'm sharing this with anyone who has not yet played & would like to.

Tell me, what makes you awesome or what makes you happy?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'll just turn over & lick your face in the morning

Last night after reading Mojito Maven's thoughts about getting a new puppy, I was hit with a serious case of puppy fever. I mean, serious. Not quite, "I'll just DIE if I can't have one", but "I'd really love another puppy."

Mr. Potts asked why we needed another puppy. I explained that it wasn't that we needed another puppy - I love Hayden - but that I wanted another one. Not just any other little puppy, but a Great Dane puppy. Just like Maddy. One I could raise & train & who would snuggle with me as a baby. She was so cute as a baby - she looked like the picture below, except for a white spot in the center of her chest. And I just miss her.

I leaned over to kiss Mr. Potts on the cheek and tried to remind him how cute puppy breath is. He looked at me and said, "Well, I'll just turn over and lick your face in the morning."

I laughed for 10 minutes straight. But I'm serious about wanting another Great Dane. I just know it will be a while. I mean, how could you turn down a face like this?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

Tonight Mr. Potts and I will be re-visiting one of our favorite stir-fry's: Spicy Green Bean, Ginger Beef Stir Fry. YUM! Instead of serving over white rice, we'll use brown rice.

I had my yearly doctors appointment today. I dread that every year. For the simple fact that I'm a weenie & usually pass out when I have blood taken. Ok, I pass out when I have to get shots. Whatever. Oh, and allergy tested. Anyone ever passed out from getting allergy tested?

::raises hand::

Yes, I have actually passed out while getting tested for allergies. One moment I was sitting on the stool telling her about my boyfriend, the next, I was on the ground with 4 or 5 nurses and a doctor standing over me. I was able to lay down for the rest of it.

The last time I was tested, I let the nice lady know that I may pass out. She kindly brought in a fan, a wet washcloth, some Sprite and crackers. About halfway through she asked me how I was going to get weekly allergy shots if I couldn't even get tested without passing out. My response? "I'm NOT getting allergy shots! Ever!" She asked why I was even being tested then. I was out of that office in less than 5 minutes!

One time I fell in the shower while traveling. I ended up tearing muscles since I landed on my side on the ledge - you know, what you step over to get into the tub? So a week later, my side started seizing up & I couldn't move. Turns out I had torn muscles & didn't know it. The 40 minute walk I took Hayden on the day before the seizing started? Well, that just triggered it.

Mr. Potts came to take care of me in the Urgent Care (one of my students had to rush me there since I couldn't drive!). I had to get a shot. There was no way I could get up on the table to lay down for it. He held my hand & promised me a Chick-fil-A milkshake once we were done if I didn't pass out. I didn't - but I sure was woozy!!

Numerous times over the years I've passed out (literally fallen to the ground) after getting shots or giving blood.

Today? I made sure to breathe. I didn't look at the needle. I didn't pass out.

Mrs. Potts - 2 or 3
Needles - too many to count

Monday, May 25, 2009

Giveaway Winners!

That's right - I said WINNERS. Plural!

Winner 1 - Kimmie of Full Circle. If you haven't been to her blog, please make sure to stop by and congratulate her. She showcases cupcakes...many other things too, but I love love love the cupcakes that come ever Sunday! I visit her blog every day and sometimes twice a day to look at cupcakes. I justify the cupcake stalking by telling myself that it is better to look at them than to eat them. Right?

Kimmie, if you'll send me an email with your mailing address, I'll get the Philosophy set and chasing harry winston sent off to you.

Winner 2 - Brittany Ann of Living in the Moment. Brittany is such an inspiring person. She shares work out tips and is such a genuine person who just cares.

Brittany, if you'll send me an email with your mailing information, I'll get your copy of chasing harry winston in the mail to you!

Thank you all for your entries. I appreciate it. I would highly recommend chasing harry winston for a weekend of lounging or if you're like me & tend to read while you lounge by the pool or at the beach.

Also, for those who have been searching for Shasta, she's back & I must say, may be better than ever! Go share some love with her and let her know you're happy she's back. I'm THRILLED!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Wrap Up

I have been given a few very sweet awards lately & I feel awful that I have not written about them. I'm ashamed to admit that I can't remember who gave them to me or what they were for.

*hangs head in shame*

I'll do better if anyone gives me any more. Pinkie swear.

For a Friday wrap up, I have to share a few things that happened this week.

Big Ticket #1
Remember my co-worker who told me that since I smiled a lot that I was crazy? Well, this week she topped herself. She told me that I'd obviously never worked as anything more than an individual contributor. She also told me that I "didn't get it" either because:
  1. I am ignorant
  2. I'm playing games to "win the day"
Wow. Doesn't get much better than that. So much for good work relationships with team members. THAT particular goal for 2009 went right down the toilet with those comments.

Big Ticket #2
I hit an all time low in my feelings about myself & my weight. I told Mr. Potts that I didn't want to go & celebrate someone's birthday because I didn't want to be around anyone I knew in a bathing suit. Yes, I went there. I almost let this feeling overwhelm me & intrude on our lives.

I recently began weaning myself from medication which I was told has most likely contributed to a lot of my weight gain. And I've been working out really hard & watching not only what I eat, but how much I eat. I know that I won't see immediate results, but the amount of weight I gained is just ridiculous. So instead of eating these, I'm instead, just looking at the pictures online. Where I can't actually buy one.And I visit Kimmie over at Full Circle. She highlights cupcakes every Sunday. That's a rough one!

So I snapped out of that funk - no way am I going to let this affect what I do - and have been working out even harder & eating even better.

I have read the research that indicates that stress can sometimes contribute to not just weight gain, but also the inability to lose weight.

*Note to self: Must get rid of co-worker*
*Note to self: Not realistic*

Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday & are ready for a long weekend!
If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my giveaway (you can do that by going here). The deadline is tonight at midnight.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've got summer on the brain.

Summer giveaway? (Don't forget to enter! Remember, you have to play to win.)

Summertime fun?
Summer sandwich?
Check!!!I had my first tomato sandwich of the summer season yesterday. I enjoyed it so much I had another today!

Lucky for me, Mr. Potts doesn't love them like I do. In fact, he doesn't really care for tomatoes at all. I don't understand him sometimes.
Now for the big question. If you eat tomato sandwiches, do you use Miracle Whip (I use the light kind) or another type of mayonnaise spread?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers....

My letter to dog owners in our neighborhood:

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Isn't this weather amazing? If you're like me, you love getting out in the sunshine with your fluffy, furry baby. Hayden & I love taking walks together in the neighborhood. The streets are tree lined & the homes are great to stare into...I mean look at as we walk by. I'm sure you probably enjoy the same thing.

Like today. Hayden & I were on our 20 minute lunch walk when all of a sudden, she did a quick side-step. Yes, to avoid the poop on the sidewalk that you didn't pick up! I know how hard it can be (well, I'll never understand letting your dog poo on a sidewalk, but I digress). You're out for a walk, the dog starts sniffing & you realize to your horror that you don't have a poo bag.

*hint* we carry extra just in case!

I've been exactly where you're at too. I've used my last one on a walk & had either Hayden or Maddy (when she was still with us) leave a special present in someone's yard. The thing is, I would actually go back & pick it up!

Side note: Maddy was a 156lb Great Dane - I couldn't leave that out there!

So if you're wondering what to do with those Harris Teeter grocery bags you may be collecting, please put them to use after your pooch!

Now, you may not be a poo offender, but I do have a favor. If you have a male dog, could you please try to not let him mark everywhere? I know that boys often do that, but with a gentle pull of the leash & a "Come Fido" command, I'm sure you could cut him off - no pun intended. It's really hard to take Hayden for a walk when every 2 feet she plants, jerks to a complete halt & sniffs the post/fence/light pole/shrub/flower/curb, etc.

Thanks so much for your help!
If you need a bag & see me out with the Yellow Lab, Hayden, just ask me for one. I always have extras!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Lovin

Don't forget to enter my contest here for a chance to win a few summer faves! You'll love reading chasing harry winston with a breeze blowing & a cocktail by your side!

What is going on?

The nasty level is off the charts! Some of you may be aware that Shasta of Bergdorf Blondes was harassed and bullied with comments made about her children. Crossing a line? Definitely! Hateful? Undoubtedly so! The next question has to be - Why? Why in the world would people think it is ok to harass or bully someone? I am all for feedback & constructive criticism. In my career, I've been known for that. Some comments that I've seen made however cross the line of being constructive.

I think this is sitting heavy in my heart because I'm dealing with it at work. One of my teammates has been attacking me lately with comments (over the phone since we're not in the same state) that are belittling, condescending, hateful, offensive...I could go on & on.

A few of my favorites from the last three phone calls:

"We shouldn't discuss HR Laws because the people in the field don't deal with that. We'll lose credibility."
NOTE: We're seeing increasing instances of harassment, bullying and discrimination in our workforce. So explain to me how these are not timely.

"Because you sent an unfinished document, I felt that you were deliberately trying to undermine me."
NOTE: The document was not marked as a final edit & I have never had a problem sharing my work in an unfinished state because I like feedback & suggestions.

"You've obviously never worked as more than an individual contributor."
NOTE: I've worked far beyond an individual contributor role & have managed many teams, led many implementations & built train*ng programs from the ground up - including hiring instructi*nal design*rs, fa*ilitators, etc. (all traini*ng terms).

"The reason you don't get it is either from ignorance on your part or because you want to play games and swoop in and win the day."

She then went on to highlight her 20 years of experience while insinuating that since I don't have her years of experience that I'm not qualified.

I finally yesterday during our call told her that I was offended and insulted.

So again, where is all the nasty coming from?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Perfect Summer Martini

Some of you asked from my last post (don't forget to enter my giveaway!) what a Cucumber Cosmo is. It is a fruit twist on a Cosmopolitan. I don't typically like fruit martinis - they tend to be too sweet for me. This one, however is super refreshing. Especially if drank on a hot day with the fan on, sitting on my deck, reading.

So, to share with you, here is my recipe.

Cucumber Cosmopolitan

  • 1/3 cucumber
  • 2 oz grey goose vodka
  • splash cranberry juice
  • 1 teaspoon Simple Syrup
  • cucumber slice
  • Muddle the cucumber with the Simple Syrup in a cocktail shaker.
  • Add vodka and cranberry juice (you can add more or less cranberry to your taste).

  • Add ice, and shake vigorously.

  • Strain into a chilled martini glass.

  • Garnish with the reserved cucumber slice.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Part 2

There is nothing I love more than sitting on our deck in the warm weather with the sun out, the fan on, a cocktail by my side (usually wine or a cucumber cosmo) and a good book to read. I tend to read more in the warm weather - I think it is the deck that draws me in.

So for the second part of my giveaway, I'm including a fun summer read. For those of you who read/watched The Devil Wears Prada, Chasing Harry Winston is the book for you! You'll laugh out loud while reading about 3 friends who decide to change their lives in some way.

So, you'll be entering for a chance to win the Cocktail Party set from Philosophy and Chasing Harry Winston.

Rules -

  1. Comment on this post = 1 entry.
  2. Loyal followers &/or people who have commented in the last month receive 15 entries with their comment entry.
  3. Become a follower = 1 entry.
  4. Post about this on your blog or add it to your "Giveaway List" on your blog = 2 entries.
This will close next Friday (May 22nd)at midnight, EST.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A summer shout out

One of Mr. Potts & my favorite things in the spring/summer/fall (ok, warm weather) is to sit on our deck & lounge. We have worked hard to turn our space into a sanctuary. On our deck we have a love seat and a rocking chair. I've planted caladiums and gerber daisies. Along with that, we have a cozy rug. Our furniture looks comfy like this:

Not a picture of our furniture, but the idea is pretty similar - minus the table.

In fact, after Mr. Potts proposed we sat on the deck on a hot August night and celebrated with a bottle (3) of wine while we called all our family & friends.

In honor of that love of cocktails on our deck (never mind the fact that one of my favorite things in the world it to throw a cocktail party), the first part of my giveaway will be this:
Anyone currently a follower &/or has commented in the past month who enters my giveaway will receive an additional 15 entries.

Stay tuned. One more part to add to this to make it a little more fun. I'll kick off the giveaway tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Giveaway coming soon....

I'm in a summer-time frame of mind & feeling ready to share a little summer love.

In the next few days I'll unveil a new giveaway...with a twist. All you loyal readers/commenters stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love Bug

I call Mr. Potts "Buggy". This is shortened from Love Bug - further shortened from Little Love Bug.

KAG over at Monograms and Martinis in Manhattan was hosting a giveaway for a Dogeared Wish Bracelet. Of course I had to venture over to see what else they have & stumbled upon this. A Love Bug Make a Wish Reminder necklace.
I fell in love and had to show it to Mr. Potts. He asked that I send him a link as a reminder for any little occasion coming up. Isn't he sweet? I show him what I like & he asks me how to find it if he happens to want to get it for me.

I noticed that the picture was cut off so I linked up the necklace.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A little late Mother's Day love

If you'll look to the right, you'll see my wonderful Mama. Yes, I call her Mama - cause when you're Southern, that's her name.

Not me! Monday

I picked this up from Littlesack over at Navigating the Quaterlife - as a side note, you should go & visit Littlesack soon since she'll be heading to Italy in less than a month!

In case you haven't been introduced to Not Me! Monday, yet, here are a few details. This fun game originated with MckMama . In sum, you just list a lot of things you "didn't" (read: actually did) do this weekend/past week. All in the name of admitting that we all make mistakes and aren't perfect.

I did not sit in the Philadelphia airport Friday on a layover and drink two beers. Not me! I know that alcohol before I fly makes my ankles disappear.I didn't get home on Friday night and promptly pour myself a glass of ice cold Chardonnay to sit on the deck with. Not me!!I did not laze around on Saturday on our deck and enjoy the sunshine. Not me - I wouldn't do that when I know there is cleaning to be done!

I did not go to a wedding & wish for the million'th time that places would be better about regulating their AC. I did not sweat through a wedding. No way!

I did not go with Mr. Potts to Waffle House at 3 in the morning to make sure that we had "food on our stomachs before we went to bed."I'll even carry this into today!

I did not lay in bed this morning instead of going to the gym. I did not look over at Mr. Potts with one eye sealed shut & tell him to turn off the alarm because, "It is too nice to be in my own bed with my own pillow & have to get up & go to the gym."

I did not go to Harris Teeter to get our things for dinner (lemon garlic flounder filets) & completely forget to get anything for myself. Not I, small fry!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A good day

Yesterday was a good day.

I delivered my training sessions.

I went to my hotel & stretched my calves by walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then went back to my room & completed the 30 Day Shred.

I journeyed over the river (a local term) into New Hampshire for Panera Bread & stumbled across a Borders Bookstore! I was so excited because it gave me an opportunity to run in and grab the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel. If you haven't read any yet, I would encourage you to! I bought the first 7 in a boxed set from & went through them all so quickly. I've also been telling Mr. Potts lately that I miss reading them.

So after I walked out of Borders with this
I called Mr. Potts:

Me: You are so going to be so excited!!
Mr. P: What are you talking about?
Me: *sighing* You are just going to be so excited!
Mr. P: What?
Mr. P: Sweet! Hurry up & read it so I can!

I can't wait to finish my day so I can drive 2 hours back to Burlington & read!

I also am flying home tomorrow. I'm going standby to try & get home earlier - I was supposed to not even land until 11pm tomorrow night. Wish me luck in getting seats on earlier flights!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Next Year's Derby

I'm already thinking of what I want to wear next year. We're getting a box and are really going to go out. Which means I need to step it up a notch...several.

I decided that I'd like to wear a long dress next year. Good for cooler weather, plus the fact that at the beginning of May my legs are still pretty pale.

I've found these so far. What do you think?

Mine that Bird

We're back! I won big on Mine that Bird. I looked at the papers and wondered why someone would bet Calvin Borel so low. Helpful Hint: When picking horses, do look at the horses, but look at the jockeys too. If you've got a great horse & a not so good jockey, you're not too likely to win.

Mr. Potts & I before we left to the track (the weather was bad, so I was already rockin some frizz & natural wave. Good thing I had a hat!)At the track after several adult beverages. NOT mint julips - those are disgusting!
The rest of these are some of the beautiful hats which were representing last weekend. I've already decided that next year I'm going all our. I gotta have a fabulous hat! Plus lose more weight. :)
This was my favorite hat!! Look how BIG it is!

Monday, May 4, 2009

What do you do with a Yellow Lab?

You share your sippycup of water.

You give them hugs & kisses!

You sit on them!