Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers....

My letter to dog owners in our neighborhood:

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Isn't this weather amazing? If you're like me, you love getting out in the sunshine with your fluffy, furry baby. Hayden & I love taking walks together in the neighborhood. The streets are tree lined & the homes are great to stare into...I mean look at as we walk by. I'm sure you probably enjoy the same thing.

Like today. Hayden & I were on our 20 minute lunch walk when all of a sudden, she did a quick side-step. Yes, to avoid the poop on the sidewalk that you didn't pick up! I know how hard it can be (well, I'll never understand letting your dog poo on a sidewalk, but I digress). You're out for a walk, the dog starts sniffing & you realize to your horror that you don't have a poo bag.

*hint* we carry extra just in case!

I've been exactly where you're at too. I've used my last one on a walk & had either Hayden or Maddy (when she was still with us) leave a special present in someone's yard. The thing is, I would actually go back & pick it up!

Side note: Maddy was a 156lb Great Dane - I couldn't leave that out there!

So if you're wondering what to do with those Harris Teeter grocery bags you may be collecting, please put them to use after your pooch!

Now, you may not be a poo offender, but I do have a favor. If you have a male dog, could you please try to not let him mark everywhere? I know that boys often do that, but with a gentle pull of the leash & a "Come Fido" command, I'm sure you could cut him off - no pun intended. It's really hard to take Hayden for a walk when every 2 feet she plants, jerks to a complete halt & sniffs the post/fence/light pole/shrub/flower/curb, etc.

Thanks so much for your help!
If you need a bag & see me out with the Yellow Lab, Hayden, just ask me for one. I always have extras!


Emily said...

:) The new neighborhood I just moved into has "Scoop the Poop" dog signs all over...not sure if it's a city-wide thing, but it helps get the point across.

Simply Me said...

our community has scented doggie bags all over.... well it IS orange county California haha what did you expect :)
My least favorite, temperature boiling point is when someones dog poops right in front of the bag post! REALLY???!!!! pfft.
Happy Wednesday girl!

littlesack said...

bahahah! I don't have a dog, but that is really funny!

Lexilooo said...

I was walking to the metro this morning and a man with his dog were walking towards me. All of a sudden, the dog stopped and began to pee in the middle of the sidewalk! The man didn't even try to pull the dog over to the side, where there was a tree box (what are those things called, where there is a square of dirt with a tree growing in it?). I couldn't believe that the man just let the dog go like that, where anyone could have stepped in it. DC has laws about picking up poo, and I know pee is different...but still!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand that! Why can't people clean up after their dogs?! It really irritates me. One of our neighbors actually lets her dog leash stretch half into our yard and lets her dog pee in the middle of the yard. And god forbid the thing poo b/c I'm pretty sure she doesn't carry a bag either! We clean up after our pup, why can't everybody else?

Tara Gibson said...

i have seen those bags everywhere these days! its pretty funny