Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Musings

Isn't it funny how most of us look forward to the weekend? For me, the rest of the week just drags by. Saturday and Sunday? They fly by! If you're anything like me your weekends are just jam packed.

Family, friends, dogs (couldn't forget the walks with my favorite girl)....if we're lucky a day or two out on the lake with friends.

We lead a blessed life. Indeed, we do.

As part of my intent to savor life I have been reflecting on these facets quite a bit.

Focusing on what is special to me.

This guy.

This girl. Y'all. This girl has been by my side (towering over me is more like it) for the longest time. She has the biggest heart and the strongest backbone of anyone I know. I adore her.

This girl. She went through a devastating loss and smiles. She encourages others and shares of herself. She gives and gives even though so much has been taken from her. The strength of an angel.

These little ones. I adore them more than words could ever express.

And the fact that they love their Uncle Mr. Potts is the icing to my proverbial cupcake!

**I'd include my momma in this montage, but she doesn't like to have her picture taken. I'm lucky that the one in the upper right corner of the blog even happened.**

These people; they're our family too. The ones we've chosen and we love them all.

I know the picture is a little blurry - we know I don't have the best camera.

Quite an introspective Friday, huh? Who (or what) are you thankful for?

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Milk

The more I thought about my last post and what it started to mean for me I realized I wasn't focusing only on my chocolate milk. Because while chocolate milk is super yummy in my opinion, I began to focus on other things.

Sometimes after I begin to think about things I realize that the thought I "identified as trivial" was in truth very eye opening. Hence the follow up post to drinking chocolate milk.

The more I thought about this today I realized that there are so many things I "gulp", things I rush though. When I look at Mr. Potts and his ability to savor, THAT is what I want to incorporate in my life.

After the realization that I "gulp" but would rather savor, I'll be making an effort to savor things.

My deck is loaded with gorgeous pots of impatiens we planted. What a wonderful way to spend a spring afternoon. Not rushing off to do the next best thing but soaking in their beauty.

Savor my impatiens

Savor my time outside that I can read

Savor the long walks that Hayden and I take that give us together time

Savor the joy that washes over me when my mom calls to tell me that my niece or nephew want to talk to me

Savor the joy deep in my heart when Mr. Potts looks at me and tells me he gets me. He "Gets" what gets me upset and will help me manage it.

I want to savor the sunsets

I want to savor the time with my mom, Mr. Potts' Mom & Stepdad, His Dad & Stepmom, His Meme (MY Meme now), my Dad & Stepmom.

I want to look back 5 years from now and feel as if I've savored all that I had the opportunity to. I don't want to miss a single moment.

Will you join with me in slowing down & savoring things? Memories, Dinners, a Stroll in the Spring Summer, Playing with a precious puppy, Savoring your Chocolate milk. Will you join me?

Tell me what you want to look back on and be proud that you've savored.

Monday, May 16, 2011

How do you drink your milk?

The past few weeks have been beyond hectic for me and Mr. Potts. We're both super busy at work and dealing with a lot of stress with both of our jobs.

I was in Vermont last week for a quick trip and was so thankful to be home early Wednesday.

We were watching TV together on Thursday when I had a craving for chocolate milk. It doesn't happen often, but I keep a supply of chocolate syrup on hand for those times when the craving hits.

After I announced that I was going to have a glass Mr. Potts followed me into the kitchen and told me that he'd like a glass too. Both glasses ready, we sat back down to finish whichever show we were watching and I proceeded to drink my milk.

There isn't much in my life I don't do quickly. I eat my food quickly, I drink my coffee quickly in the mornings, when I'm in the gym, I want to get in and get out. The pattern is pretty clear to me.

Mr. Potts on the other hand, eats his dinner slowly. He is patient and never rushed.

So it should have been no surprise to me that after I had drained my glass, he had taken only a few sips. It was much like everything that we do.

He takes his time, he savors the moment, he enjoys the actions. I, on the other hand, have a tendency to rush through things. It is one thing that I know I do and that I would like to become more thoughtful about. I want to savor my experiences, even if it is just a glass of chocolate milk.

Something that I need to work on, for sure.

So what about you? Do you savor the experience or do you gulp it down?

How do you drink your chocolate milk?