Wednesday, March 30, 2011

White Teeth, not White Legs

The time is here. We're getting ready to head to Indianapolis for our good friends' wedding. Surprisingly, with most of New England hunkering down (again) for what some are predicting as the last Nor'easter of the year, we'll have good weather.

We're staying at the Conrad Indianapolis and we're hopeful that my Hilton status will garner us a suite upgrade. Fingers crossed!

The dress that I originally wanted to order was sold out by the time that I got around to ordering it.


But I did find another dress that I thought was fun and would fit the bill. I can't find it online, but I'll post a picture later, promise.

I've been prepping for the weekend, working to ensure that my teeth are white and my legs are not!

I do need your help, as usual!

Since I had my leg done it is healing well, however, I'm experiencing some bruising still. I've been using self tanner on my legs the last few days, but I'm a little nervous that the bruises will still show.

Not that the focus will be on me at all, but still, I want to look good.

So, any suggestions for a spray that I can pack with me for the day of to "camouflage" my bruises?

Happy Hump Day, y'all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shea What?

Recently I signed up to receive a free beauty pack from Target that would include some beauty samples, coupons & a Sonia Kashuk makeup bag. I had forgotten that I signed up for it, so when I checked the mail yesterday and it was there I was thrilled.

When I tore it open I noticed that one of the samples was the Frederick Fekkai Advanced Essentials Shea Shampoo and Conditioner.

Now, I'm pretty funny about my hair. I like it soft and flowy. I don't like frizz. This whole frizz avoidance thing is hard for me in the South. Many of you know that the following is true:

Southern Humidity + Natural Wave = High Frizz Probability

So, so sad.

I decided to give the samples a try this morning since the last few days the humidity has been kicking it up a notch in the mornings.

As I was blow-drying my hair this morning I noticed an immediate difference. My hair was softer than normal. It also seemed to be drying more smoothly.

I'll have a better idea by the end of the day how I'm loving this, but y'all, I may have found a new "Go To".

Tomorrow is Friday! Is anyone as excited as I am? When your Tuesday mid-day feels like you've already been through most of the week & instead feels like Thursday, you know you're in for a LONG week!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Days of Spring

The weather that we've been experiencing lately has my brain about to explode. It makes me long to be outside in the sun relaxing. I love to ride with the sunroof open & the windows slightly cracked.

Can't do all the way down because then my hair become Medusa like. Well, that and the fact that I took Hayden with me to pick up Mr. Potts Monday night and my backseat is now covered in yellow lab hair.

When the windows are down and there is hair in the back...can you imagine the swirling amounts of hair? Not good when the majority of clothes I wear to work are dark.

Back to the original thought.

This kind of weather just makes me happy. It reminds me of happy times spent in the sun laughing with friends, reading a book or sitting on the deck with Mr. Potts on a warm Friday after work just catching up.

I think of my precious niece and how sweet she is all dressed up for Spring/Easter. She loved this little dress and this has to be one of my most favorite pictures of her.

My word, she was tiny!

Can't have a picture of one without the other, can we? Must be one of my favorites of my sweet nephew. He loves his "Hade-dog" and she certainly loves him!

Most of my favorite spring time memories involve Mr. Potts. We had all our family together here.

I miss that big girl.

Does Spring do the same thing to you? Have you remembering happy times you've had?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Single Girl Behavior

This past weekend I indulged in a lot of single girl behavior.

Mr. Potts went to Vegas to celebrate a bachelor weekend. His weekend began with a first class flight Saturday morning. He said that it is all because of me. He's gotten used to flying first class when we travel and the thought of flying coach to Vegas just wasn't working for him.

My fault. Ha!

Saturday I spent outside imbibing adult beverages and hanging out with some of my besties.

We may or may not have begun the day with mimosas.

We may or may not have spent the entire day imbibing.

Yes, the entire day.

I may or may not have gone home & promptly gone to sleep. After washing my face & taking care of my teeth. Because I'm obsessive about my teeth.

My bed time Saturday night? 8:30.

Sunday morning when I called Mr. Potts I whispered into his voice mail. Since he's in Vegas, I wasn't sure that a chipper, "Good Morning!" would be anything he'd appreciate. And then I realized I was whispering into a voice mail.

The whispering wasn't necessary as he explained when he called me back after a while later. He'd been up all night because the bachelor wasn't ready to go to sleep and wanted to gamble more.

Fun weekend...for us both!

I enjoyed tuna/pasta salad, glasses on all day Sunday, a girlfriend coming to get me to take me to my car (because while I indulged in single girl behavior, I didn't revert back to unsafe single girl behavior!)...

Weekends like that are so much fun. I miss Mr. Potts though and will be happy when he gets home. Although I'm so jealous that he went to Vegas (I've been jonesing for a while to go), I'm happy he had a great time.

Although I'm certain he'll pay the price for it next week. Recovering is never as easy as you get older.

So, what "single girl" behavior do you indulge in on weekends alone?

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm ethnically diverse....

When it comes to food that is!

For those of you that celebrated St. Patrick's day yesterday, I applaud you. I broke out the only green item in my closet that I could wear to work. It wasn't quite the shade that people associate with St. Patrick's day, instead, it was more of an olive green.

But hey, I participated right?

Instead of going out & drinking green beer we decided to go eat Mexican food.

Which is actually really brilliant on our part. Last year on Cinco de Mayo we couldn't get in to a single Mexican restaurant.

So we figured last night that by eating Mexican food then (& probably celebrating Cinco de Quatro or Cinco de Seis) that we'd get our quota.

Which as our friend we ate with last night pointed out, "means we'll be eating Irish food on Cinco de Mayo!"

Happy Friday, y'all!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


You know how sometimes you think, "Wow! That was EASY! Where's my EASY button?".

Here it is!

You want to reach out & push it, don't you?


I thought that last week after my leg procedure. I even thought of going on Staples to order my very own EASY button.

I was rocking through this leg procedure. I was up, I was moving, I went to work on Friday.

I moved around, I walked, I was feeling good. The places where they had worked on my leg were healing.

Then Saturday morning came.

When I swung my leg out of bed I felt a twinge of pain, but I pushed on through it. We ran errands, we got things done.

Then Sunday came.

I felt like a horse had walked all over my leg.

And then sat on it for good measure.


So, while on the outside it looks , I swear, I've got some deep bruises coming to the surface.


Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Thankful Thursday

For the past few months I've been doing a daily dose of leg exercise. The kind where I'm grunting & straining & pulling & twisting.

A few four letter words may escape from my lips while the dog & cat look on. And I swear they're laughing at me.

These poor little legs of mine have been subjected to the horror of compression hose since September. While it hasn't been comfortable, nor very attractive, truth be told, I've pulled them on most mornings & tugged them off in the evenings.

All so that I could go in & have the procedure done that would rid me of the varicose veins that have been the bane of my existence.

**PS: I totally passed on the funny above - could have been, "the vein of my existence." You're welcome**

Yesterday morning Mr. Potts took me in for the procedure. The night before I'd worked myself up to the point of tears and had almost talked myself out of doing it.

I'm a big baby when it comes to pain & the thought of needles & lasers working on my leg had me terrified.

Thankfully, Mr. Potts wouldn't let me talk myself out of doing it. He kept reminding me how badly my leg would ache at the end of a long day on my feet. How in the summer I'd be wearing shorts & wouldn't fret over the veins in my calf.

I'm so glad he talked me down from the wall.

Because it wasn't all that I had worked myself up to believe it would be.

They administered a shot of a prescription sedative & I was set.

The details I'll leave out, since I don't think anyone really wants the graphics. However, if you want to know how it went or are thinking about this for yourself, please let me know & I'll be happy to share details.

When I took the wrappings off this morning I almost cried. While there are some slight bruises the veins in my calf are gone.

As in not there anymore. No more bulging, no more pain.

Y'all, I'll be wearing shorts in the summer & not worrying about the veins.

My Thankful Thursday, indeed!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mr. Potts made me cry

To be fair, it isn't hard to make me cry.

TV commercials - hello Folgers at Christmas.

Thoughts of loved ones lost.

Missing my Maddy.

Sad movies.

Uplifting TV shows.

Happy memories.

Laughing too hard.

I can't watch Extreme Home Makeover. I bawl like a baby every time.


So when Mr. Potts told me that we should watch ABC's Secret Millionaire, I gave him the look. The look that told him that he should know that the show would make me cry.

Yet I still watched it.

And yes, I cried. I was truly expecting to, just from the previews.

The thing that got to me, though, was how inspiring this was. A woman gave of her time and worked with various charities to learn about how they help those in need.

Then turned around and gave generous gifts.

Truly inspiring.

So much so that I want to give. We're not in positions to give mass amounts of money, but I can make an impact.

So my quest, to find a way to give of myself. To be more selfless and give what I can.

My question for you today, what gifts do you have to give?

PS: If you don't know d.a.r., please go over & acquaint yourself with her, beginning with this post. The thought that, "Tomorrow will take care of itself," is truly inspirational, because honestly, how much time do we spend worrying about things that we can't affect or change?

Happy Monday, y'all!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mechanics of Flushing

Last week while attending my certification I found myself thinking about the mechanics of flushing. Specifically automatic toilet flushing.

Toilets (and bathrooms in general) tend to be a subject that I just don't approach.

Bodily functions

Fresh air proximity

I usually push away from that with a ten foot pole.

However last week I couldn't; I found myself agitated and then increasingly tickled by the mechanics of automatic toilets.

Have you ever wondered how a person determines the appropriate time for that WHOOSH of water to flow? How do you calibrate WHEN it should flush?

I did.

Several times last week.

Because each time I was in the middle of going, a slight shift and WHOOSH! The toilet would go & I was left wondering what the hell just happened.

I didn't move away from the toilet, I didn't open the door & walk out, I was hovering & shifted.

Each time it happened I jumped in surprise and tried not to lose my balance.

Then I got smart...

I found a toilet that wasn't so sensitive.

And all was right with the world.

Have you ever experienced that?

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!!