Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mechanics of Flushing

Last week while attending my certification I found myself thinking about the mechanics of flushing. Specifically automatic toilet flushing.

Toilets (and bathrooms in general) tend to be a subject that I just don't approach.

Bodily functions

Fresh air proximity

I usually push away from that with a ten foot pole.

However last week I couldn't; I found myself agitated and then increasingly tickled by the mechanics of automatic toilets.

Have you ever wondered how a person determines the appropriate time for that WHOOSH of water to flow? How do you calibrate WHEN it should flush?

I did.

Several times last week.

Because each time I was in the middle of going, a slight shift and WHOOSH! The toilet would go & I was left wondering what the hell just happened.

I didn't move away from the toilet, I didn't open the door & walk out, I was hovering & shifted.

Each time it happened I jumped in surprise and tried not to lose my balance.

Then I got smart...

I found a toilet that wasn't so sensitive.

And all was right with the world.

Have you ever experienced that?

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!!


MCW said...

Haha! Yes! That has happened and it drives me nuts! I also hate in my office there is a spray airfehsner above the toilets. It automatically sprays every few minutes. I could be in the stall, it sprays and I feel like I walk out smelling like airfreshner. I try to not to get that stall, but sometimes I have to!

MayLove said...

I assume that they are pressure sensitive, which is ridiculous. I despise automatic toilets. I think the claim is that they are supposed to be more hygienic b/c you don't have to touch the handle to flush... tell me, how hygienic is it to have toilet water spewed up my hoo ha when it decides to flush willy nilly? And all that random, unnecessary flushing is very environmentally UNfriendly. I hate them. If they are trying to reduce germs from flushing, why not do like a step pedal or something? There are better ways.

Cheeseboy said...

Those things still freak me out. You should SEE the automatic urinals! Those things would BLOW YOUR MIND!

Dancy said...

You crack me up! We have them at work and I kinda hate them. It flushes like 4 times when all you're doing is "tinkle" and then people think it's a "courtesy flush". LOL And don't even get me started on how many times it goes off when you're just doing something simple like fixing your belt! WHOOSH! One of my co-workers read something online about a lady whose son was afraid of it - so she uses post-its. You put it in front of the sensor so it doesn't detect any motion or anything. Genius! Haha!

Jenny DB said...

UMM I TOTALLY AGREE, and yes this has happened to me and in fact i have even blogged about it haha

Mrs. Bama said...

OMG auto toilets are my nemesis. terrible timing/ scaring the crud out of me when they unexpectedly flush! Really funny post!