Monday, March 21, 2011

Single Girl Behavior

This past weekend I indulged in a lot of single girl behavior.

Mr. Potts went to Vegas to celebrate a bachelor weekend. His weekend began with a first class flight Saturday morning. He said that it is all because of me. He's gotten used to flying first class when we travel and the thought of flying coach to Vegas just wasn't working for him.

My fault. Ha!

Saturday I spent outside imbibing adult beverages and hanging out with some of my besties.

We may or may not have begun the day with mimosas.

We may or may not have spent the entire day imbibing.

Yes, the entire day.

I may or may not have gone home & promptly gone to sleep. After washing my face & taking care of my teeth. Because I'm obsessive about my teeth.

My bed time Saturday night? 8:30.

Sunday morning when I called Mr. Potts I whispered into his voice mail. Since he's in Vegas, I wasn't sure that a chipper, "Good Morning!" would be anything he'd appreciate. And then I realized I was whispering into a voice mail.

The whispering wasn't necessary as he explained when he called me back after a while later. He'd been up all night because the bachelor wasn't ready to go to sleep and wanted to gamble more.

Fun weekend...for us both!

I enjoyed tuna/pasta salad, glasses on all day Sunday, a girlfriend coming to get me to take me to my car (because while I indulged in single girl behavior, I didn't revert back to unsafe single girl behavior!)...

Weekends like that are so much fun. I miss Mr. Potts though and will be happy when he gets home. Although I'm so jealous that he went to Vegas (I've been jonesing for a while to go), I'm happy he had a great time.

Although I'm certain he'll pay the price for it next week. Recovering is never as easy as you get older.

So, what "single girl" behavior do you indulge in on weekends alone?


Anonymous said...

I typically spend my single girl weekends with lots of face masques, wine, trashy magazines and television, it's good to have those weekends every once in a while!


Dee Stephens said...

Sounds like fun to me! My single girl weekends are: whatever I want to watch on tv, crackers and cheese for dinner, wine, and all the phone talking I want.
Oh.. maybe a hike or lunch with a friend.
Exciting, eh?

MCW said...

I can imagine how fun that would be! Since I am always single girl on the weekends you kind of know how they are spent. ha

Anonymous said...

Oh, your weekend sounds SO FUN!

My single behavior when the husband is away:

Sex and the City, sushi takeout, and a giant bottle of wine all to myself.

You can see how being pregnant has drastically altered my single time, lol.

Lil' Woman said...

Mine include lots of junky food, trashy tv, and even trashier jammies...I'm that single girl who is single because she looks a hot mess...that's how I enjoy my weekend.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

My single girl nights are lots of trashy TV and Food Network!

Neha said...

My single girl weekends are all about TV, tidying up the house, surviving on instant cook noodles and fruits!

You sure had great fun :)

Jenny DB said...

Sounds like a blast! The older I get though the longer the hangovers last, I swear!!! Just can't drink like I used to :-) I'm going to 5 year college reunion next month, think I may need to train for it haha

Anonymous said...

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