Monday, March 7, 2011

Mr. Potts made me cry

To be fair, it isn't hard to make me cry.

TV commercials - hello Folgers at Christmas.

Thoughts of loved ones lost.

Missing my Maddy.

Sad movies.

Uplifting TV shows.

Happy memories.

Laughing too hard.

I can't watch Extreme Home Makeover. I bawl like a baby every time.


So when Mr. Potts told me that we should watch ABC's Secret Millionaire, I gave him the look. The look that told him that he should know that the show would make me cry.

Yet I still watched it.

And yes, I cried. I was truly expecting to, just from the previews.

The thing that got to me, though, was how inspiring this was. A woman gave of her time and worked with various charities to learn about how they help those in need.

Then turned around and gave generous gifts.

Truly inspiring.

So much so that I want to give. We're not in positions to give mass amounts of money, but I can make an impact.

So my quest, to find a way to give of myself. To be more selfless and give what I can.

My question for you today, what gifts do you have to give?

PS: If you don't know d.a.r., please go over & acquaint yourself with her, beginning with this post. The thought that, "Tomorrow will take care of itself," is truly inspirational, because honestly, how much time do we spend worrying about things that we can't affect or change?

Happy Monday, y'all!


Summer {athena in the middle} said...

I am sad that you cried but I do too. Tears fall at the drop of a hat over at my place. I missed watching this and heard so much about it on Twitter.

Giving back is soooo important. We have been donating to Habitat for Humanity since Katrina. And I am STILL working on the volunteer hours I racked up collecting $1's for Daddy.

Brittany Ann said...

I'm with you. I couldn't watch it. I tried. I made it thru the preview and cried. So then I turned to Lifetime's Coming Home about military service members suprising their families by coming home from deployments! EVEN WORSE CHOICE!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I totally cry during that show too!!

Dancy said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I can only imagine. I'm don't really cry that easily but EHM?? I'm a mess. I stopped watching it like 3yrs ago cuz I felt like a moron after it was over. I have a friend who closes her office door & watches it at work. She's insane.

d.a.r. said...

I am totally a crier, too!!

Thanks for the shout out. You are awful sweet :)