Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Tale of a Birthday Weekend

As you know, my dinner on Thursday with Mr. Potts was wonderful!

Did I tell you I had a goat cheese butter for my topping on my filet? HEAVEN - Cabernet reduced down, butter and goat cheese folded in. I DIE.

I also caught up on the Rachel Zoe Project on Sunday (seriously, love that show). Every time I watch it, I want to be better.

Better accessorizer.

Better dresser.

Better do-er of hair.

Speaking of hair, mine is whacked out right now! I swear, I've got an appointment on the 11th, but my hair grows like a weed. I'll take a picture to show you my roots - just not this week. I'll wait right up until I go in to get that mess (hot mess if we're honest) taken care of.

Back to my weekend.

Mr. Potts surprised me on Thursday with a beautiful new top from one of my favorite little boutiques in Charlotte.

And let me tell you, the man knows how to pick clothes for me.


Friday came and off to my mom's we went for dinner with her & the munchkins. They were so excited to help their favorite (only) aunt blow out her one candle. Yes, only one candle, because as my mom explained, 34 might melt the cake.

Saturday we celebrated my aunt's 60th birthday with my dad & his side of the family. Fun was had all around.
Mr. Potts' other birthday present to me. Can't really see the detail as well, but the shoulders are a sparkly blue!

Sunday was actually a low key day for us. Mr. Potts calculated taxes - I KNOW it's only August! But he is super methodical & wants to make sure we max everything out & make the most of our income. While he did that, I caught up on RZ. LOVE

I'm also thinking about ordering these shoes. I'm thinking I'll love them for work (and standing when I facilitate sessions) but I'm not sold on ordering online & no where around here carries them in my size.

Do I bite the bullet & just return them if they don't work?

PS: They're actually much prettier in person. Promise - doesn't everyone say that?

Is is really Tuesday already??

Friday, August 27, 2010

Remembering Katrina

Five years ago today I watched in horror from NC as Katrina barreled through a city I love with a passion that not many understand.

Five years ago I was devastated, in tears, watching the scenes that were broadcast across the nation.

Five years ago I was desperately trying to get in touch with some of my best friends. Petrified that they had stayed, I had begged them just days before to flee.

Five years ago I said "Thank You God" when I heard that these people had managed to get out.

Today, I still tear up thinking about it. I still tear up hearing news reports about the efforts to bring NOLA back from the devastation.

Today, I'm thankful that these wonderful people were safe and that they escaped relatively unscathed.

I'm thankful that we were able to share a wedding two years ago back in NOLA (where a wedding in July will MELT you).

Michael & Emily - two of my besties.

Mr. Potts & Emily pre-wedding two nights before

Michael and me - love this guy!

Gus and Trey - my two other besties

Side note - Red Bull and Tequila is not the best option after a full afternoon of consumption. Although it leads to great times, you may not remember all of them!

Birthday Dinner Note: My dinner was super duper fantabulous. Unfortunately, not a single picture was taken. Mayra has shamed me with her food pictures and now I want a new camera. Any recommendations?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday....to me!

Ahh, birthdays. I love them so.

I turned 34 today. No tears at all. I'm living life and loving every moment of it. I'm striving to find the beauty and loveliness in everything. Because you see, I learned that from a special woman this year.

I won't have a huge party like Mr. Potts'.

You see, I make HUGE deals out of Big birthdays. I always make a big deal out of each birthday, big or small. And 34? Well, that's a big deal (cause it's my birthday) but not a HUGE deal.

So while no big parties, it is still a big deal.

We're heading to Sullivan's for a birthday dinner tonight where I plan on indulging in a super fabulous steak. I've been craving it & Mr. Potts knows the way to my heart is through my stomach.

I'm having my favorite cake (strawberry with vanilla icing & sprinkles) tomorrow night.

I'm indulging in a little Pink & Green whimsy today.

Happy Birthday, me!
Happy Thursday, y'all!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Inspired by my workout this morning and my sincere desire to have less stress in my life.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday's Traveler - Shopping Edition

When I'm gone for work I try to find new stores and indulge in a little retail therapy. This past time in Maine, I was a bit too tired to hunt for the new, so I indulged in the old.

I'll be sure to come back another Tuesday & share things I find while shopping, but this time, this story takes the cake.

Many people when they are away from home will search out the comforts that remind them of it. For some it is a mall, others appreciate specific stores (how I WISH there was a Nordstrom in ME), others perhaps a chain that could provide a little comfort of home.


I head straight for the bullseye.

Yes, Target is my "home away from home".

Because really, haven't you noticed that all Targets are basically the same? Same items, same brands, same layout. Well, same layout unless you hit the Target jackpot & find a SUPER Target - but I digress.

Either way, Target can help provide a little comfort.

I peruse the makeup. I check to see if there are any travel size Jergens self-tanning lotion. I poke around in the clothes for tank tops. I check out their exercise apparel; sometimes I hit the motherload, other times not so much.

This past week I decided I'd start peeking at their fall clothes. Because in New England, fall comes bursting through the doors like school kids on a mad dash out the last day of school. Which (totally off topic) is the way Summer hit us up in the South this year.

I grabbed a longish sweater which looked super soft. Something I could envision pulling on for a super early morning flight and grabbing a hoodie in case it gets cold on the plane.

I even envisioned this sweater with a pair of black leggings.


But I thought I'd try it since the cardinal rule for wearing leggings is to make sure your bum would be covered and this sweater would definitely do that.

I grabbed the first pair that I saw, thinking to myself, "Fabulous! They even have them in Petite!"

Should have been my first clue.

I got into the dressing room where I pulled on the sweater and giggled a little thinking to myself that I should have grabbed a little tank to throw on over it. Whatever, I was just trying it for fit. No problem if my bra was hanging out a bit.

Then I took the leggings off the hangar.

I held them up and did the sideways head tilt while thinking to myself, "Do I want to go here? Didn't I do this in 8th grade? Hmmm....that waist looks a little, well, little."


First one leg, then the other went into the leggings.

I started working them up over my calves.

At this point I thought smugly to myself that they were fitting pretty well.

Should have been a SIGN when the part that is going to fit around your thighs is fitting your calves.

At my knees is where the struggle began.

I got them up above my knees, but when I looked at myself in the mirror, my face was oddly red. Like I'd been working out.

Which in hindsight is what I was doing.

Because as I stood there in all my non-tank top, bra hanging out leggings stuck above my knees glory I realized they weren't going to budge any more.

Being the person I am, I swore I was going to get them on.

I should have just taken them off.

Once up they cut off the circulation below my waist. I couldn't breathe. I looked like a sausage with a tied off middle - or really, one of those link things of sausage where my waist was the link.

I didn't understand. Why weren't they fitting? I've been working out, I'm losing weight.

With a sigh of shame I pulled them off. Only to find the tag and begin to laugh.

I laughed so hard I cried. So hard that the attendant came to find out what was going on.

I handed her the outfit still laughing as I exited the dressing area.

Why was I laughing? What had me in tears?

I had tried on kids leggings.

And managed to get them on!!

Anyone else out there had any wardrobe "malfunctions" while trying on clothes?

Happy Tuesday, y'all!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Week Countdown

I decided this year that since Mr. Potts was turning 35 that I wouldn't make a HUGE deal out of my birthday. Which for me, is highly abnormal.

For Mr. Potts, though, it has been worth it.

The one thing that I want to do this week for my birthday is get a manicure.

I'm really loving the brown trend for this fall, so I may start with something like this with a little lighter with a color named Au Natural. Described as a Soft, Sandy Beige with Light Shimmer.

Moving a little further into fall, I may go with Downtown Brown from the creme collection.

Or perhaps Chocolate Kisses, also from the creme collection.

I think the one that may turn out to be my fave will be Decadent Diva, described as a Rich, Shimmering Cocoa.
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Any colors out there you're looking forward to trying? Any recommendations for a chocolate'ish or "greige" polish?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Shortened Fab Friday - simply because, there is nothing better than the fact that I'm going home today. I get to see my Mr. Potts, my Pepe Cat and Hayd Dog.

I get to hang out all weekend with this guy who makes me laugh so much.

Happy Friday, y'all!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Week From Today

One week from today will be another blissful reminder of the most special day of the year. What's that, you say? Why, MY BIRTHDAY! I'm the girl that will celebrate big ones (you know the specials - 30, 35, hell any one, if we're being honest) for a few months.

My 30th lasted 3 months. I LOVED it.

This year is a little ole birthday. Nothing BIG. No life changing happenings. Just a joyful feeling of being surrounded by those that I love. That would include YOU, my special blog loves.

Because you see, this past year, you have guided me. You've supported me. You've held me, even if in though. You've cheered me on. You had me at hello...wait, can't use that one.

You've stood beside me when I needed a hand and stood behind me to shove me forward if I'm not doing what needs to get done.

I so admire many of you. Sharing with us what you go though. I love your stories about the introduction of the idea of surrogate motherhood over dinner. You also shared with us wonderful ways to keep moving forward in that positive light towards good health.

I've learned that strength and perseverance can pay off. So many of you are hitting milestones and are showing progress in your goals.

In the year that has passed since my last birthday, my niece and nephew & myself and Mr. Uncle Potts have begun our own family traditions which involve glitter, icing, cookies & Christmas trees.
Quite the hit for them. They're already begging to do it again.

I've made new friends and lost a special one.

A great year, all in all.

Happy Thursday, y'all! It's almost FRIDAY!
And Friday means I'll be back on a plane heading home!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

On Monday night when I was walking into my hotel room I felt the first taste of cool air on my face. It certainly put me in the mood for fall and with the temps in Charlotte in the mid to high 90's, I have to admit, I'm ready for a bit of a New England fall.

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Anyone else out there ready for crisp weather, snuggly sweaters, warm boots, fires, football....?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's Traveler

Yesterday evening I traveled to Maine for the week for work. As you may remember, I'm a frequent flyer, a road warrior of sorts, trying to stay on the fit train in hotels.

When I travel, I tend to observe much more than normal. Mr. Potts would tell you I don't miss a thing under normal circumstances.

The airport, however, can be an interesting place. Lots to observe. For someone who doesn't miss anything, it can be sensory overload.

Yesterday, thankfully, was fairly calm. Most people aren't vacationing now with the kids getting ready to go back to school.

The flight wasn't crowded, so I had an empty seat beside me. As I sat in the window seat, I had an opportunity to look at the clouds.

I've always wondered what a cloud feels like. I imagine soft & cushy, but then again, I could be remembering a toilet paper commercial.

I watched an amazing sunset. And let me tell you, sunsets from a plane knock the pants off of sunsets from the ground.

Either way, Tuesday's Traveler Tip.

Take a moment to soak in the beauty you're surrounded by. No matter where you are, enjoy it.

I wish I could take credit, but I just can't.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fly Baby, Fly

Thank you for everything Lisa. You've touched so many of us more than words could ever express.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For Lisa, My Bumpkin

Mr. Potts told me recently that he is a bit in awe of the community of friends that I have made by blogging. I told him that he couldn't imagine the half of it.

Over the weekend I received devastating news from my dear friends Trish and Molly. It was news that rocked me to my core about our friend Lisa. You may know her as the Bumpkin, but she'll always be dear Lisa to me.

Lisa showed me that beauty is found every day. Not just on days I look for it.

She taught me that the simplest of words, the kindness of strangers can lift a person up from dark places.

She showed me a heart, open to all, which had an endless capacity to love.

We've lost Lisa and yesterday when I got home, I cried for the friend that I loved, that I'd never had an opportunity to sit down in NOLA and share a long chat with.

The community of people who love Lisa is large and I know grief-stricken. While this grief is natural, I know that she'll want us to celebrate her and the love that she shared with so many of us and lift each other up.

Celebrate life, dear friends. Hug the ones you love extra tight when you see them next and remember to see the beauty that is all around you.

Lisa's Swing


Friday, August 6, 2010

Fabulous Friday - For the Bumpkin

Lisa, this reminds me of you.

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