Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Tale of a Birthday Weekend

As you know, my dinner on Thursday with Mr. Potts was wonderful!

Did I tell you I had a goat cheese butter for my topping on my filet? HEAVEN - Cabernet reduced down, butter and goat cheese folded in. I DIE.

I also caught up on the Rachel Zoe Project on Sunday (seriously, love that show). Every time I watch it, I want to be better.

Better accessorizer.

Better dresser.

Better do-er of hair.

Speaking of hair, mine is whacked out right now! I swear, I've got an appointment on the 11th, but my hair grows like a weed. I'll take a picture to show you my roots - just not this week. I'll wait right up until I go in to get that mess (hot mess if we're honest) taken care of.

Back to my weekend.

Mr. Potts surprised me on Thursday with a beautiful new top from one of my favorite little boutiques in Charlotte.

And let me tell you, the man knows how to pick clothes for me.


Friday came and off to my mom's we went for dinner with her & the munchkins. They were so excited to help their favorite (only) aunt blow out her one candle. Yes, only one candle, because as my mom explained, 34 might melt the cake.

Saturday we celebrated my aunt's 60th birthday with my dad & his side of the family. Fun was had all around.
Mr. Potts' other birthday present to me. Can't really see the detail as well, but the shoulders are a sparkly blue!

Sunday was actually a low key day for us. Mr. Potts calculated taxes - I KNOW it's only August! But he is super methodical & wants to make sure we max everything out & make the most of our income. While he did that, I caught up on RZ. LOVE

I'm also thinking about ordering these shoes. I'm thinking I'll love them for work (and standing when I facilitate sessions) but I'm not sold on ordering online & no where around here carries them in my size.

Do I bite the bullet & just return them if they don't work?

PS: They're actually much prettier in person. Promise - doesn't everyone say that?

Is is really Tuesday already??


KatiePerk said...

You had me at goat cheese butter. Glad it was a good birthday!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I am still distracted by goat cheese butter on the filet! YUM.

I love how Mr. Potts picked out clothes for you!!!!
Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I have been dvr'ing RZ and enjoy it too! :) I loved that movie they showed of their honeymoon 12 years ago..so cute!

Dee Stephens said...

awesome hubby! What's your favorite boutique? Capitol? I can see that... awesome!
Let's plan to get together the week of the 13 or 20th?

Susannah said...

LOVE the shoes!!I may need to check those out! I say get them now and return them if they don't work! And goat cheese butter? As beg would say, Holy goodness batman! Happy belated birthday girlie!

Tara Gibson said...

o m g about that goat cheese butter.. WOW! glad you had a great weekend

love rz too! LOVE her

Dancy said...

Goat Cheese butter sounds Phenomenal! I might have to try to recreate that!

GET the shoes!! A friend of mine has them in the blue suede - she wears them with everything and says they're so comfortable she can wear them all day.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oooh that goat cheese butter sounds so yummy! I keep hearing about RZ, but we don't have Bravo! Maybe old eps will come to Netflix! :)

MCW said...

I know everyone has talked about it. But, I love goat cheese and I love butter. I want it now.
And get the shoes! You can return them!

Brittany Ann said...

My hair is in desperate need of some TLC, too. I still haven't found a stylist here in Charleston!

In this wonderful life... said...

So cute! glad you had a good birthday :)

um, goat cheese butter sounds divine!

Amber said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday! Sounds like it was fabulous!