Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday's Traveler - Shopping Edition

When I'm gone for work I try to find new stores and indulge in a little retail therapy. This past time in Maine, I was a bit too tired to hunt for the new, so I indulged in the old.

I'll be sure to come back another Tuesday & share things I find while shopping, but this time, this story takes the cake.

Many people when they are away from home will search out the comforts that remind them of it. For some it is a mall, others appreciate specific stores (how I WISH there was a Nordstrom in ME), others perhaps a chain that could provide a little comfort of home.


I head straight for the bullseye.

Yes, Target is my "home away from home".

Because really, haven't you noticed that all Targets are basically the same? Same items, same brands, same layout. Well, same layout unless you hit the Target jackpot & find a SUPER Target - but I digress.

Either way, Target can help provide a little comfort.

I peruse the makeup. I check to see if there are any travel size Jergens self-tanning lotion. I poke around in the clothes for tank tops. I check out their exercise apparel; sometimes I hit the motherload, other times not so much.

This past week I decided I'd start peeking at their fall clothes. Because in New England, fall comes bursting through the doors like school kids on a mad dash out the last day of school. Which (totally off topic) is the way Summer hit us up in the South this year.

I grabbed a longish sweater which looked super soft. Something I could envision pulling on for a super early morning flight and grabbing a hoodie in case it gets cold on the plane.

I even envisioned this sweater with a pair of black leggings.


But I thought I'd try it since the cardinal rule for wearing leggings is to make sure your bum would be covered and this sweater would definitely do that.

I grabbed the first pair that I saw, thinking to myself, "Fabulous! They even have them in Petite!"

Should have been my first clue.

I got into the dressing room where I pulled on the sweater and giggled a little thinking to myself that I should have grabbed a little tank to throw on over it. Whatever, I was just trying it for fit. No problem if my bra was hanging out a bit.

Then I took the leggings off the hangar.

I held them up and did the sideways head tilt while thinking to myself, "Do I want to go here? Didn't I do this in 8th grade? Hmmm....that waist looks a little, well, little."


First one leg, then the other went into the leggings.

I started working them up over my calves.

At this point I thought smugly to myself that they were fitting pretty well.

Should have been a SIGN when the part that is going to fit around your thighs is fitting your calves.

At my knees is where the struggle began.

I got them up above my knees, but when I looked at myself in the mirror, my face was oddly red. Like I'd been working out.

Which in hindsight is what I was doing.

Because as I stood there in all my non-tank top, bra hanging out leggings stuck above my knees glory I realized they weren't going to budge any more.

Being the person I am, I swore I was going to get them on.

I should have just taken them off.

Once up they cut off the circulation below my waist. I couldn't breathe. I looked like a sausage with a tied off middle - or really, one of those link things of sausage where my waist was the link.

I didn't understand. Why weren't they fitting? I've been working out, I'm losing weight.

With a sigh of shame I pulled them off. Only to find the tag and begin to laugh.

I laughed so hard I cried. So hard that the attendant came to find out what was going on.

I handed her the outfit still laughing as I exited the dressing area.

Why was I laughing? What had me in tears?

I had tried on kids leggings.

And managed to get them on!!

Anyone else out there had any wardrobe "malfunctions" while trying on clothes?

Happy Tuesday, y'all!!


Lexilooo said...

that is hilarious, I love it!

also, love the sweater!

Dee Stephens said...


Annie said...

oh my gosh!!! hahahah, that is just too funny! awesome you got them on though ;) i once tried on some kid "jeggins" not cute, at all.
i like that sweater though! i need to do some clothes shopping at target soon myself!

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...that is great and very impressive that you could get them on.

bananas. said...

whoops! sounds like someone put their unwanted kids clothes in the adult section.

you should've taken a picture! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

haha! you HAD to get the suckers on to proove a point, otherwise you would have been feeling down and out...until you saw the "childrens" tag!!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

hahaha, I have done stuff like this before! One time in fact, I got stuck in an item of clothing sooooo badly that it had to be ripped to be taken off...lol They make dressing rooms so small these days that there isn't enough room to wiggle out of clothing sometimes!

That sweater is adorable, I think it would look so cute with leggings!

MCW said...

Happy day! Fitting into kids sizes would be heaven...even if they were a little snug!

tootie said...

Haha! That sounds like something I'd do!

Jenny DB said...

LOVE this story :-) I'm only a little jealous hehe