Sunday, August 1, 2010

View from the Airport

On Friday after landing back in Charlotte, I was walking through the airport with my boss and another woman I work with.

My boss whispered, "Look ahead."

And look I did.

At a man, dressed in striptease drag, full makeup, but no wig.

A pair of pleather boy shorts - wonder how he tucked it all away.

A plair of pleather thigh high platform boots.

A bustier that exposed an area of 6 inches from the bottom of it to the top of his boy shorts.

Full on drag queen makeup but no wig.

Prancing through the airport as if he were in a show.

I thought about trying to whip my camera out for a picture, but figured that with my boss and another co-worker with me, may not be the most appropriate.

I wish I could have, though.

Wonder what that conversation would be like on the airplane?


Lil' Woman said...

Oh my goodness....that picture would have spoke a thousand words....I guess I will have to imagine it

MCW said...

Normal day occurrence up here :)

PS - email me your date story! Doing a post...

Dee Stephens said...

crazy..I bet your look wasn't the only one he got.

Barefoot in the Park said...

OOO i had a similar encounter this weekend but yours is way better! i saw a extremely manly looking lady sitting outside of a bar ... then realized it was a gay bar! i'm so blissfully unaware sometimes!

Miss M! said...

It's easy to tuck because it's long and narrow - it just all goes back!

(kinda wishing you had gotten a pic though, LOL!)

Jenny DB said...

Sounds pretty standard in some parts of seattle HA