Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Recap OR The Tale of the Christmas Tree Decorating, Cookie Making (we forgot about the hot chocolate drinking) Weekend Extravaganza

This past weekend was such a joyful one. It completely filled my heart with love and joy. Which, if we ask ourselves a question, isn't that what we should feel during this time of the year?

My sweet niece and nephew came over with Mama on Saturday early afternoon. I had already been baking some cookies so they'd be cool for icing.

What fun we had! Stockings, snowmen, stars, trees & bells. All iced and sprinkled with abandon. My niece was so proud of her creations & wanted Mr. Potts to eat them all! Isn't her stocking wonderful?
My nephew would eat them as he iced them. No worries - we didn't plan to share the ones he made with anyone!
We finally decorated our tree after we were finished (for the moment) with the cookies and after eating a bit of beef stew. My niece would direct the placement of the ornaments on the higher branches & took care of the lower branches herself.

My nephew was enamored with a particular ornament of Mr. Potts - a "Grill Master" ornament - so cute!I only did a few minor adjustments & only when she wasn't looking!

They were so proud of their tree. They both told me that our tree was going to be the most beautiful tree ever.

You see, this tree is really as much their tree as it is mine & Mr. Potts'. I wouldn't have it any other way. They are so very excited that Christmas is here & I am so very happy that I am able to do so much for them. I know that our cookie making & Christmas tree decorating will be a yearly tradition.

I think I may have mentioned before that Mr. Potts & I are NOTORIOUS for not being able to keep surprises.

For those of you who may be new to this blog, I have to wait until just a few days before birthdays & Christmas to do any actual shopping because I get so excited about presents & giving them. I love watching as people open gifts I give them, simply because I put so much love into it & I love seeing their expressions.

Mr. Potts once gave me my big birthday present 4 days before my birthday! This year, he topped even his own record.

Christmas came last night for the Potts' household - specifically me (which if truth be told is really the only way it could really come early, seeing as Mr. Potts' present currently number 2 - 2 pairs of socks - sigh - I'm so far behind).

For those of you who aren't familiar with my traveling, I'm gone quite frequently for work. It looks like this may be picking up even more in 2010 (hopefully this will play to my advantage in my Christmas shopping for Mr. Potts next week while I'm gone). I also read a ton of books while I'm gone. Usually at least two.

Last night Mr. Potts and I were watching tv when a Kindle commercial came on. At the end of the commercial I told Mr. Potts, "I really want to get a Kindle."

Upstairs he went to change into comfy clothes, or so I thought. Just a few seconds later he came back downstairs with his hand behind his back and then told me that Christmas was here a little early this year!


I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this! I love books. I always will, but I have to say, when you're traveling & trying to tote around two 400+ page books, your luggage gets heavy. Never mind the looks people give you when you're trying to lift said luggage into the airplane overhead.

I promise I won't start on the men that watch you do this & don't even bother to offer any help. Not this post at least!

Needless to say, I have already downloaded several books for my week long trip this week.

What a weekend!! Christmas tree & cookie decorating! A Kindle! Memories made with my family.

Christmas came early indeed.


Anonymous said...

They are so adorable!! Cannot get over it!

So glad you guys had a wonderful weekend together and a Merry Christmas, indeed!


Neha said...

The tree is beautiful and so are your niece and nephew - adorable!

And you've got a wonderful gift for Christmas. I too ave been eyeing one of those for some time now, but they are still to come to India....sigh :(

Brittany said...

So jealous! I hope you enjoy your kindle! =.) Merry Christmas! =.)

Molly Lou Gifts said... were busy. I adore those cookies and the pictures...priceless. Your niece and nephew are so blessed to have you and will cherish these annual traditions and special time with you. Your tree looks fantastic.

YAY for the kindle! I want one too and can't wait to hear what all you have to say about yours. I love the gift giving too. Way to go Mr. Potts. Enjoy!

Safe travels this week.

Michelle said...

Your niece & nephew are darling!! Love them! Love the cookies they decorated, too!!

And, yay for the Kindle!! I'm bad about presents, too. I like to give, give, give and it's so hard to keep a secret!! ;)

USCEmily said...

What a fun weekend!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

The tree looks great! And more importantly, the munchkins look SOO proud of it!! You must make them very happy!
I have a hard time holding onto gifts too!! I already gave my husband his xmas present on his bday because after he opened his bday present, I got too excited to see his face on the other gift I bought for xmas!
I want a kindle!! I do not read as much now though since I have a very short commute on most days...I miss the reading part :(

katie + bret said...

ooooo Kindle! Yeah!! I use the Kindle "ap" on my phone and I love that so I can only imagine how amazing the real thing is! CONGRATS! Aren't books just the best things ever?!

How cute are your niece and nephew?! Looks like you guys had a blast - I want those cookies!!

Deelsu said...

I am terrible about secrets too! I get so excited about gifts.
As for the men on planes that don't offer to help.
Don't get me started on that either. Good thing is - sometimes I just look at them and say.. 'Can you help me out?'.
Merry Christmas to you and the punkins!

Tara Gibson said...

such sweet pictures and a merry christmas to you!

Lindsey said...

Awww cute pictures! And I love the grill ornament!

Notes From the Grove said...

I love the relationship you have with your niece and nephew. So precious.

And beautiful tree!

MCW said...

I love early Christmas! And I have the Kindle for that same reason...carrying around a very heavy book is not fun. The Kindle makes it so much easier! I am flying through will LOVE it.

d.a.r. said...

What a fun weekend!! I love the cute cookie decorators :)

Carol said...

How fun!! Enjoy the Kindel (and those yummy cookies)!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

The Kindle looks sooo cool -- you will have to do a review for us!

Lil' Woman said...

I'm horrible with surprises too..I have to wait till the last minute to shop for Big Man otherwise he has his gift a month ahead of time. :) That's awesome that you got a kindle..congrats girl!

Brittany Ann said...

YAY! Love early Christmases!

You should write a Kindle review. My husband wants me to get one, but I'm doubtful still. (I'm always a tech cynic.) I'd love to hear what you think of it after traveling with it. I totally trust you more than my loves-anything-electronic hubs:)

Annie said...

AW!!! the kiddos are so cute!! glad the cookie extravaganza went so well!! :)
the tree looks so pretty!!
glad you had such a good weekend sweets!! :)
have a good week, travel safely.

LG said...

Oh I got a kindle early too! Please blog about any cool books or accessories you find for yours! I am really enjoying the M-edge case and light.