Friday, December 11, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! It's here - another edition of Fabulous Friday! A highlight of all things fabulous that I've stumbled across over the course of this week (in no particular order, of course!) or even fond memories I have stored in my brain.

Since I know you're all eagerly awaiting this, the winner of yesterday's second Christmas Giveaway is Lindsey of Learning to be a Wife! Lindsey has to be one of the sweetest people I've "met" through blogging & I am so happy that I did!!

A serious note to begin with. Yesterday a co-worker of mine learned that she has colon cancer & that it has spread to her liver. She has a 20 year old son who is currently in remission from cancer. If you all could lift her up in your prayers I'd greatly appreciate it.

Now on to the fabulously positive!

Our Annual Holiday Party is coming up next Saturday. I'm trying to figure out in advance what I want to wear. Some people will dress up, we'll have some in jeans & dressy tops & some may wear dresses. As hostess (hostess with the mostest - HA!) I like to dress up, but not go overboard so that our guests won't feel under-dressed.

I'm thinking of this little sweater dress with some tights. Easy, comfortable & comfy! Thoughts?
Whatever I wear for our party, I'll be sure to get my nails done. Most likely with Essie Wild Thing (yes, the same one that Lindsey is getting). The more I look at the color, the more I love it.
Don't you all get excited when you get tagged for an award? I love it. It's that little rush of "Yes! They like me!" I mean, for serious, doesn't it just make you feel GOOD when you scroll down and see your name? I always get the BIGGEST grin on my face! Both MCW & Landlocked Mermaid tagged me with the Happy 101 Award! I'll be sure to share this with you all tomorrow.

We received most of our furniture. We're missing the table & buffet, which I'm not happy about as we were told the table was in. And I REALLY wanted the table to be in for our party & for Christmas.

We did however receive the new living room furniture. I need to take some new pictures since when I took these, we didn't have any new lights for the room. Because of the lack of lighting, the couch looks slightly green. It isn't, just photographed that way.

The first view encompasses the "Captain's Chair" & the new sofa & coffee table.

Close up of the Captain's chair with my favorite throw on the back.

Pardon Hayden's hairy rear end in the picture, she wouldn't move.

I had to take a picture of our tree. We had to put off decorating it until this weekend (so the munchkins can help us) but we strung the extra lights on it. Isn't it pretty?What has made your week fabulous?
Happy Friday!!


Taylor said...

Love that outfit! Also, who designed your blog? I love it and Im wanting to have mine all made up!

Brown Girl said...
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Brown Girl said...

Sorry I had to delete my comment above because obviously I don't know how to spell or type

Ok, so I LOVE that captains chair! Wish we had room in our for one! ;)

Love the sweater dress, that will look super cute!

Lexilooo said...

I love your coffee table! So, so pretty and the room looks so cozy!

MCW said...

We say with our tree with just lights for a week...I kind of like it better!
Cozy living room!

Deelsu said...

Love the captains chair! Your tree is pretty!

Lucy Marie said...

I think that outfit is perfect. It is classy and dressy but won't make people feel uncomfortable if they aren't dressed up. I can't wait to hear about your holiday party.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

White lights= NICE!
I love your new furntiture...all of it would look great in my living room...if it goes missing you know where to find it! :)

ANd, I think the sweater dress and tights is perfect. BUT, I think it is ok for the host to be dressed up even if the guests are not. Or maybe that is bad that sometimes I do that !???
HAVE A WONDERFUL time and enjoy the party! Can't wait to see pictures, esp of the tree after the munchkins decorate it.

SassyEngineer said...

First off, I love the sweater dress. Chic and comfy; a winning combination:) I also love the new furniture too. What kind of material is the couch? It looks soft and satiny almost!

Taylor said...

Oh thanks! I need to enable that!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I think the hairy rear end is a wonderful touch to your new living room. Whatcha cookin for this party your having? Ineed some new recipes for Christmas, my group of girls and I are tired of the same old stuff! Crossing my fingers for your party and sending prayers up for your friend.

Jenny DB said...

ooh your pup looks so comfy in your very adorable living room!! :) and your tree is gorgeous! happy friday!!!

Susannah said...

Love the outfit and the new furniture, very nice lady! :D Also, I freaking love winning blog awards-it makes you feel good!

Praying for your colleage as well.

PS-pairing me with Landlocked Mermaid=match! We so get along and ♥ each other! :D

Brittany Ann said...

Love the dress, love the polish and love the furniture!

Praying for your co-worker!

Happy Weekend sweet friend!

Brittany said...

I passed on an award to you! Go check it out!!

Lil' Woman said...

Gorgeous the captains chair! I will def. keep your coworker and her family in my prayers!

Tracy-Girl said...

Your living room and couch is so pretty... I love how cozy it looks. And I love the Christmas tree, too! :)

Notes From the Grove said...

Your tree looks beautiful! Love it.

Have you tried OPI's "Not Really a Waitress"? It's a lot like the red color you picked out. I think you'd love it! Oh, and super cute sweater dress.

prashant said...

Im wanting to have mine all made up!

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Neha said...

That's one great piece of furniture! Lucky you :)