Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday, Monday

I am singing U2's Bloody Sunday in my head right now, only the lyrics truly are, "Monday, Bloody Monday." I sing this in my head in exasperation with people I work with who wait until the last minute to complete things & then expect me to sweep in with my sparkly pink tutu on, shake my wand over their head, sprinkle a little fairy dust on their computers & *poof* make everything better. Like magic.

I wish. Or maybe I TRULY wish that people would *poof* disappear. Like magic.

So - enough with my little rant.

We had a wonderful weekend. The party was a HUGE success. We had tons of people, loads of yummy food, a bartender pouring yummy drinks (very cleverly named, too) and a good time had by all.

I'd share pictures with you, but I didn't take any (I know - I was the hostess with the mostest & was taking care of my guests). I'll have to snag some from friends. Promise!

We indulged in:

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Stuffed Jalapenos wrapped in Bacon
Holiday Roasted Nuts
Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Spread
Roasted Turkey with Sweet & Spicy Mustard
Sausage Balls

All yummy in the tummy! If you're interested in any of the recipes, please let me know & I'll be happy to share them.

My week is sure to be crazy, so please forgive the limited commenting.

I have a giveaway coming up this week that will be the final one for 2009.

Happy Monday????


KatieSPerk said...

I adore Christmas parties. Your menu sounds delicious. Let me know where you got your pink sparkly tutu & wand. I could use one myself for my office....

Deelsu said...

oh..yes..we need to see some pix!

Anonymous said...

You are stinkin' adorable! Pink sparkly tutu and a wand, love it!

I'm so glad the party went well and you weren't snowed out of a good time!


Annie said...

yay! Glad the party was a hit the food all sounds SO yummy!! I want to try to make some fun apps like that for new years eve!
happy monday! It is for me, its the only day I work this week!! :) have a very wonderful week my dear! XO

Brittany Ann said...

But hey, sister, you rock a pink tutu better than anyone I knew!

Glad your party was as fabulous as you are!

MCW said...

I would say all of those things sounds delicious, but currently I am sick of all food.
Glad the party was a success!

Sole Matters said...

YUM! I want the recipe for these!!:

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Holiday Roasted Nuts
Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Spread
Roasted Turkey with Sweet & Spicy Mustard
Sausage Balls

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get the recipe for the Buffalo Chicken Dip!! Thank you!!

And I guess this is me de-lurking or whatever they call it too!! I've followed your blog for a while and love your witty humor, stories and recipes!!

Happy Holidays!!

Tara Gibson said...

yummmm i love stuffed japs!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

yay congrats on a great party, so much fun! and the food sounded so yummy!

d.a.r. said...

mmmmm delish!!! Recipes please!