Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now to the funny part

Thank you all for the feedback on how great the vacation was. We definitely had a wonderful time & again, I'd highly recommend the Aventura Spa Palace if you're looking for an all-inclusive, adult's only vacation.

It was so much fun that I've started to think about where I'd like to go next.

Next year. Sigh.

The funny part of this? I'm already back up in Maine where the low last night this morning was a balmy 4 degrees. Wind chill puts it below 0.

Now does that take a way a teensy, tinsy smidgen of your jealousy? Good!


Happy Wednesday, y'all!


MCW said...

Yes, it is freezing in NYC today!!!

MayLove said...

It's -15 here with the windchill. I'm SOOOO sick of winter (as I'm sire you are)! I desperately want to go to FL in April (our annual trip), but I'm SO unhappy with my weight that I can't bear the thought of summer clothes- none of them fit anyway. So sad! :(

MayLove said...


Neha said...

Winters are almost gone here in North India and it seems that summers are going to get worse. :(

The weather here does make me jealous of the one you have there :(

Gwen said...

I'm a little late on your post but with all of the cold and snow lately I am dreaming of any place warm. This week it's supposed to be spring like so hopefully that will get most of us out of our funk. :) Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Jenny DB said...

UGH I'm actually kindove jealous, only beacause La Nina was supposed to bring this super cold snowy winter to us and STILL all we've got is RAIN RAIN RAIN

Anonymous said...

burrrrr! Balmy lol. Too cold for me! Nice and green in the summer which I don't get here. Well, thanks for the read and I'll see you around!