Friday, December 10, 2010

Can you find the Elf?

I have a special place in my heart for Christmas. It is such a magical time of year & my munchkins love it. We make cookies & snuggle and decorate trees & snuggle and drink hot chocolate...yep & snuggle!

There doesn't seem to be anything much better than that.

We recently spent a Saturday making & decorating cookies & decorating our tree with them. It is an annual tradition that they look forward to each year. Honestly, we do too.

As you can see by the posed shot in front of the tree, she's going to be a natural!

They were very proud of their cookies - as they should be!

We also did a bit of holiday decorating. I found these pretty trees at Target & love how they turned out!

For our table, we have a small vase filled with miniature ornaments in shades of gold & bronze.

And now for my hair. This next one is one of the last of me with long, blonde hair. It was taken at our annual Friend's Thanksgiving.

Mr. Potts and I post cut.

Where you see the hair hitting the scarf in front is where my hair now ends. And for some reason, it doesn't show as well in the pictures, but I can tell it is darker.

And nice nude bra, huh? You'd think I'd know better & would have worn a black one!

Eh, who cares!

Happy Friday, y'all!!!

PS: From the title, can you find the elf in the picture below?
He likes to lay under the tree!


Annie said...

aw, the kids are TOO cute!
their cookies look so yummy! they did great :)
your hair looks great hun!! cute pictures :)

Dee Stephens said...

cute decorations and the cookies look amazing!
Love the pictures of you and Mr. Potts! Love hair looks good!

MCW said...

Ok. So lets talk about the bra. I have the same issue when picture are taken and I am wearing a thin sweater or something. You are supposed to wear nude, but then it shows when the flash goes off. So, then I switched to black and it shows too!

Brown Girl said...

Love the new hair, looks great on you! The kiddo's did a fab job on the cookies, bet they tasted just as good!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

The kids are adorable! Love how you have the tradition for them to look forward too. They will always remember that! Your hair looks amazing! I bet you guys are getting really excited for Christmas!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

PS. Couldn't find the elf... but I have that same silver heart holiday ornament ;)

Caroline said...

Love all of the pics! Your hair looks great!

Lil' Woman said...

The cookies look delish and I love the new cut, your as gorgeous as ever.

Neha said...

The cookies are yum! Send some over please :))

And the new haircut suits you. I have had short hair for years, though I am on my way to waist-length hair now :)

Landlocked Mermaid said...

adorable!! You are the best auntie in the world to those two. Go read my post about the personalized email video you can get them from santa. it is from "portable north pole" my sister had to do it for gabby bc she was saying to colin that Santa's elves poop their caused all kinds of havoc. however, one email message video from santa set her straight. Your babies will love it!! xoxxo you are the best, and I love the hair, am contemplating much of the same over here

Jenny DB said...

Aaah what a cute elf :-) also your hair cut looks fabulous!!! PS congrats to the kiddos on decorating because i tried the other day and mine really didn't turn out much better. that's gotta say something!