Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A time to Gather, a time to laugh

We're heading to see Mr. Potts' family in Louisville The majority of his family live within a 5 mile radius.

We're hopeful that Meme, his grandmother, will be feeling better. She's currently back in the hospital. She gets weekly blood transfusions for her leukemia and this time there were complications.

I think that she is trying to hold on for one last Christmas with every one there. We plan to laugh while we're with her.

Since we'll be in KY over Christmas we went to my mom's tonight and celebrated Christmas with my niece and nephew & my mom & brother. We were so happy to be there to be able to share this with them.

But when I left tonight, I was sad that I would be missing the time with them.

It's quite the trade-off, isn't it?

One family has more support for everyone, but a sick matriarch.
One family has little support (basically Mr. Potts and me) and struggle daily.Align Center
They always love to hang out with us & it was magic to see their faces as they opened their presents.

To be away from my babies breaks my heart, but to be able to see Meme and the rest of the family, also tugs at my heart.

I think in my mind that those babies of mine will always hold first place.

Are you all ready for Christmas & everything that comes along with it? I hope so!

Happy Holidays, Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas, Peace for the Coming year.

So may different ways to wish you well.

Here's an easy one.

"You've touched my heart and I will never be the same.
I hope that this season your heart will be touched in a way that will change you forever.
God bless you and your families (Pets are DEFINITELY included).
All our love,
The Potts' Family


Neha said...

Wish you too a very Merry Christmas and a great new year!

Dee Stephens said...

Are the pets going to KY too? Safe travels and one of our goals has to be to get together in 2011. Cheers and the best to you and A.

Anonymous said...

I'll never be able to express to you how much I love the love you have for those two precious kiddos. I know it sounds silly for me to say this, but it makes me really proud of you :)

Annie said...

i'm glad you got to celebrate with them!! kids do that to your heart, they take it over and it's no wonder they will always have first place. they are adorable and you guys love each other :) it's a special kind of love. i know how it feels. i was crying on my bus on the way to work the other morning because i miss my nephew. his mom won't let him come to my house anymore and it just breaks my heart.
i will get to see him on christmas and unfortunately, i have to see her as well. i'm glad i know i'm the better person in this sad situation. i just miss the little guy and she is selfish and immature.
sorry for rambling....i hope you have a very merry christmas with mr. potts' side of the family!!! :)

Susannah said...

Oh Kim, I hope things are well when you go to visit Meme. And I hope the munchkins had fun with y'all too! It's hard not being with both families at the holidays!