Monday, December 5, 2011

Not another manic Monday

Thank you all so much for the kind and welcoming words last week. After being absent so long from blogging, it felt good to let you know what has been going on.

This past Friday was my last day at my former company. It was quite a bittersweet day for me. While with this company I've grown in my professional experience as well as experienced professional heartbreak.

Anyone wondering what professional heartbreak is? I had to sit and think for a few moments of the best way to describe the disappointments I experienced there.

As a learning professional I truly want to help others learn and grow in their professional experience. What I saw with my former company was almost the opposite. There were many times when we had opportunities to be exceptional, even great, but did not have senior level support. In all honesty, one could probably say the company as a whole regressed.

Professional heartbreak.

But I also loved many of the people I worked with. There will be many people that I will keep in touch with, many who had tears in their eyes on Friday. I'll miss them all but am excited to be moving on and have an opportunity to learn and grow in my new role.

I have a week off before I start next Monday. Wonder what I'll be doing?

1. Going back to the hair salon (I was there Saturday) to have the fix my hair. I was brushing through my hair last night and noticed that if I part my hair differently than it was blown out that I'll have a stripe in the middle of my hair. Not like a random long strip of blonde hair root to tip but a horizontal strip about 4 inches long about 2 inches down from my root.

Not good.

2. Going back to Ulta to pick up eye makeup remover. I didn't look closely at the label on the mascara I purchased & picked up waterproof. I don't normally wear waterproof & had a hell of a time getting it off Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 3:00 after our holiday party.

3. Uploading pictures from our party. You know, so you can have a post with pictures.

4. Prepping for Mr. Potts' sister's wedding in Nashville this weekend. Trust me, the pictures (and stories) from this will be PRICELESS.

Happy Monday!


MCW said...

A week off sounds like heaven! A fresh start on Monday after what I am sure will be an amazing weekend.

Dee Stephens said...

So glad you're going to a new place. New Beginnings! Have fun in NashVEGAS!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see you back and congrats on the job change! You've been missed.

Shafiqul said...

Hi dear. Thats a nice of luck
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Lil' Woman said...

Good luck with your new job....goodbyes, especially work ones are always bittersweet