Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Confession

I've finally caught up on reading blogs. Phew. There were several times when I thought it would be easier to simply select "Mark all as read" rather than wade through all the different blog posts.

I'm so glad that I didn't do that. I would have missed catching up on all the things that have been going on in everyone's lives.

Hopefully by now you all know that I have accepted a new position with a new company. One that hasn't gone through and emerged from chapter 11 only to still not make numbers. I can't tell you how excited I am about working for a stable company!

Y'all that feels great.

Almost as great as participating in Leslie's Confessional. I mean, really, who doesn't like to get things off their chest?

So, here goes!

1. I've got house fever. Mr. Potts told me one evening that he'd been looking at houses online. Well, that got me started. I've found several that I love. Some with beautiful interiors, some with beautiful exteriors, very few with both.

2. While I have house fever, I do love our town home. It fits us perfectly, for now. I love it even more so since it is decorated for Christmas and everything feels so warm and cozy.

3. I've finished most of my Christmas shopping and gift wrapping. I have a few people who aren't accounted for yet and I'd love to be able to cross them off my list.

4. I want to try on my wedding dress from 3 years ago to see if it fits.

5. See above - I think it will fit but probably be way too big. Since I wore it I've lost about 20lbs.

6. I've a longing for these boots.


That's all I've got! What confessions do you have?

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


Dee Stephens said...

Those boots are gorgeous! That's what Brad is getting me for Christmas! I'm going to have to check these out! So glad you're back in the blogsphere!

MCW said...

I kind of want cowboy boots. Not sure how often I would rock them in NYC thought. Maybe when I move!!!

Lil' Woman said...

Those boots are gorgeous, I would totally rock them :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I might have house fever too..I'm always looking at houses! Nice blog lady!