Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Tale of Risotto

Last night was the second night in my "Make a New Meal for Mr. Potts" week. Y'all. It. Was. FABULOUS.

I kid you not. Monterey Jack, Corn & Roasted Red Pepper Risotto. D-VINE.

And yes, I know that it is spelled "Divine", but I had to do something to show you how wonderful it was.

I, as always, made some modifications. I added a little chicken, I threw in some black beans, I used frozen corn that had a Southwestern flavor.

In the pan - notice the dented side? Yes, I need some new pans.

Close up - look at the chicken, the black beans, the corn & the red peppers. I love the color of this dish!
Side Note: If anyone would like to recommend a camera that will take better pictures than my old Cannon Powershot (point & shoot) that will not break the bank, I'll gladly take those recommendations.

The highlight of the night was not the food, however. It was spending time with Mr. Potts in the kitchen while he stirred the rice (short grain brown, takes a little longer to cook than the recipe calls for) and I chopped the peppers and chickens.

We talked about our days. We laughed about MOTY - my brother recently said she was living her dream life of being a donut maker. You had to be there, it was a hilarious comment.

We talked about his new Kindle that came in the mail yesterday (part of his 35 for 35).

We spent time together that we don't normally get.

It was absolutely wonderful.

And the food? Well, that was just the icing on the cake.

Or the best risotto ever!


Lexilooo said...

this sounds delightful! feel free to share the recipe!

I made a balsamic poached chicken the other night, served with roasted asparagus and potatos that was very good. also, I tried a new lasagna recipe last week that we enjoyed!

Caroline said...

That looks delicious!

Lil' Woman said...

That looks delish! :)

Dee Stephens said...

I love making risotto! I'll have to try this one!

Dancy said...

This post just made me smile. Happy you got to spend time together. This also looks liks a 1-pot kinda thing so I might have to try it. ;)

Brittany Ann said...

I've never made risotto. I need to try this.

Domestic Goddess said...

that looks incredible!! i've always wanted to try making risotto! maybe ill give it a shot next week!

i love cooking with the hubs...such a fun night!

bananas. said...

where's the risotto?! haha just kidding. but seriously that's like breakfast, lunch and dinner in one risotto meal. delish!

Amber said...

Looks yummy! I have a power shoot that needs replacing too. Please share what you end up getting because I have no idea where to even start looking!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

wowwww! that sounds delish.. i like the addition of the chicken, risotto is tops on my list as favorite food xo