Tuesday, January 5, 2010

35 for 35

I'm so excited! With Mr. Potts turning 35 this year, I knew I wanted to make it a big deal, but besides THE TRIP (which we're actually rolling into a dual birthday celebration/regular vacation) I wasn't sure what else I wanted to do until my mind drifted to this.

To celebrate each year of his life, I'm giving Mr. Potts 35 gifts. They may be big, they may be small, they may be home made or home cooked or nights out.

I figured this would give me 35 chances to surprise the man that took me by surprise and changed my life.

The present I'll give him tonight will be The North Face Khumbu Fleece jacket. When we took our first trip to Key West (remind me to tell you THAT story!) he ended up losing his fleece & never replaced it. Since it is frigid here, what a great "birthday" present, right?

Any suggestions on other gifts that I can surprise him with through the year?


MCW said...

Book of IOU coupons...(like massages and other fun stuff)

Anonymous said...

The first thing that came to my mind was beer, but I am not sure how to incorporate the 35 into it! Unless he doesn't mind a wee bit of a hangover?

If you can, revisit some of your favorite date sites, first date site, or sites of past celebrations? I like your idea of homemade gifts, I'd probably make favorite dinners, or stage a movie night (or weekend!) with his favorite movies, etc. Just an idea!

You're the sweetest, Mr. Potts is lucky to have you as well! :)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

That is so creative. I absolutely love this idea.

Hope to see you tomorrow for Where In The World Wednesday!

Lexilooo said...

What a cute idea!

I read the comment from brown eyed girl, and if he likes beer, maybe a membership for the beer of the month club? It can be done for three, six or twelve months. I got it for Steve for Christmas last year, and he loved it.

Also, is Mr. Potts a meat eater/griller? For Christmas, my sister bought our father something from Omaha Steaks, and he was thrilled. They seem to have tons of options there, though I've never ordered myself!

Tara Gibson said...

awesome idea! I love north face!

Michelle said...

What a fun idea! Did y'all finalize exactly WHERE the trip will take place?? Are you doing Vallarta or Belize?!

Hmmm...more gifts. Um, reliving your first date? Breakfast in bed?

I'm not very good at this creative brainstorming stuff. ;)

Molly Lou Gifts said...


What a great idea! The 35 gifts idea is so fun and creative.

Also, I know how not good you are at saving surprises, so this is the perfect way to mask that. :)

Hope he loves it!!!

The Pink Chick said...

What a great idea! This will be a birthday he will never forget! One gift could be a favorite photo of the two of you framed or something sentimental like that! You could also write him a letter where you tell him the story of how you met or how you knew you were in love with him or how you felt on your wedding day.

Deelsu said...

awesome idea! I turn 35 this year too!
Take him to the Fig Tree!

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Your such a good wife...Ill be stealing your ideas :)

Brittany Ann said...

What a genius idea! How about a couple's massage?;) (I mean this in the least creepy way possible, of course.)

Belle said...

This is such a cute idea! He is going to adore you! And what you said about him taking you by surprise...so sweet!

Jess said...

That's so fun!

My friend's sister is turning 30, tomorrow, and her whole family did a 30 before 30 thing. The 30 days leading up to her birthday, she'd get a present from one of them.

I have absolutely no suggestions for you, but I do love this idea, lol.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

that is so cute! what a great idea and a sweet wife!!

how about a scrapbook of little, big, and fun things that you guys do throughout the year, keep tickets, tags, (take home) menus, or fun receipts to put with the pics of events... =) (that's all I can think of off the top of my head=))

Lindsey said...

What a neat idea! I like the massage and beer idea. Maybe 35 of his favorite beers?

Amber said...

I love this idea! Might have to steal it in a few years when my Mr. turns 35. Can't wait to hear about all his surprises (you are gonna share what you get him, right?).

d.a.r. said...

What a SWEET idea!!!

Erin said...

A few ideas including some of my most successful gifts to my husband
Wireless meat thermometer for grilling and smoking outside while he's inside or wherever
First edition or signed copy of a favorite book
Chimay ale. It's like heaven in your mouth if he likes good beer
a field watch from Orvis
maps of scenic drives in your area from www.madmaps.com
sporting events tickets
sill souvenier stuff with your pictures on it
paint him a picture, maybe a portrait