Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm such a planner

Now that Mr. Potts' birthday has passed it's time to plan the next big thing. Not my birthday, not our annual holiday party, not anything to do with the cruise we're taking in November. Nope - not a single one of those. Instead, I'm focused on Mr. Potts' 35th Birthday!

I admit. I love birthdays. I personally celebrated my 30th for 3 months. Yep, 3 months. I'd do it every year if I could, but Mr. Potts will only let me do that for the big ones. Big ones are anything that end in a 5 or a 0.

So....for his 35th birthday next year (I know, I know, I'm awful) we're going to go away.

We have 4 choices. We're blessed to have these choices because Mr. Potts' father is a member of the Registry Collection & has a house in the mountains of NC. He can trade a week out there for a week out somewhere else.

We're trying to decide between these:

The Grand Mayan - Los Cabos
The Grand Regina - Los Cabos

Vallarta Gardens - Nueva Vallarta This was the only one I could save pictures from. This is my favorite so far as they are actual houses. If we were to invite a couple (or 2) there would be plenty of room.
Grand Colony Island Villas - Belize

Has anyone had any experience with Los Cabos, Nueva Vallarta or Belize? Anyone pick one over the other?


Anonymous said...

I have nothing other than to say that I am jealous! Can I come, or would you like to plan my birthday? :) I think anywhere you go would be amazing - the picture looks gorgeous!

Whitney said...

I would pick any of them. I have NO preference.

Brittany Ann said...

I've never been to any of them...but I say, you really can't lose!

Lindsey said...

Wow, they all sound amazing!!

Annie said...

i would go to any one of them!
how to decide?!
i'm very jealous ;)

Abbie said...

We're thinking of going to Los Cabos in October. If we do, I'll make sure to let you know.

Three months?! Mine's next month... I wonder if I can drag it out. :)

My name is Megan... said...

I just went to Los Cabos in May and loved it!! :) We stayed at Capella in Pedregal and it was AMAZING!

Belle said...

I've been to Belize and it is just beautiful! If love to snorkel or dive, this is the place to go. However, for ultimate luxury and service you cannot beat Mexico. Fun options! Good luck deciding!

USCEmily said...

Lucky girl! Can you take me along?
I tagged you for a little game over on my blog- come check it out!!