Friday, July 24, 2009

Dinner tonight with friends

Tonight we're going to dinner to celebrate Mr. Potts' birthday with a group of our friends. We're going to Las Ramblas - our favorite tapas place ever!! One of my favorite things to get is the Fried Goat cheese - it's served with almonds, roasted garlic & quince honey. Oh yum!

I have to admit though that I was a bit irritated after I sent the original email to our group of friends asking who'd like to come. Originally, dinner was supposed to be Saturday night. I received a response back from someone that he and his wife were planning on celebrating his birthday that same day, just earlier in the day. In the form of a bar crawl. Well, he never waited to see if I responded (I was on vacation & was pretty sporadic about checking email) and his wife sent out the email invitation the next day after I had already sent mine.

I was irritated. I wonder why she couldn't push the plan back one week and do it next Saturday. Because they planned to start at Noon and go til about 6pm. I had already the day before said dinner would be at 7pm. Even if I had pushed it back an hour, it still would have been not so fun - most people by that point would be falling down drunk. A few weren't going to be able to celebrate Mr. Potts' because they had already committed (before either emails were sent) to the all day bar crawl.

So I moved the dinner to Friday night. People are still coming, but I'm disappointed that a friend of mine didn't call me after I sent my email to talk to me about it, but just pushed ahead.

Am I wrong to be a little irritated?

I do tend to get upset more easily & dwell on things like this. So I should be over it by Sunday.

Happy Happy Friday!!!


...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

I think that would have bothered me too. Especially if it's a close friend.

Fried goat cheese sounds AMAZING! Never had it!

Anonymous said...

That would bother me a lot too. I've had that happen to me in the past and usually I change my date and am passive aggressive for a short while and then I'm over it but will never forget it. I have issues, but I'm being honest!

Goat cheese. I love anything fried.....there's an amazing Greek restaurant in Chicaco that serves cheese and they set it on fire as they serve it to you on a cast iron skillet. Heavens, amazing.


Whitney said...

I believe I would have been irritated, too.

USCEmily said...

Oh I definitely would have been aggravated. You sent out your email first, therefore, she should have compromised. I totally would have done what you did, though, because I don't like confrontation.
Just go tonight and have fun and don't let what went on affect your good time!

USCEmily said...

That picture was either taken by one of our guys, or self timer. My friend Holly has what we call the "family cam" because it's one of those larger cameras with the super zoom and a tripod. So last summer we drug the guys out to the beach and had a photoshoot!

Anonymous said...

No, I think it would have bothered me too. Been there a time or two. Fried goat cheese? I've never heard of that!

Belle said...

I think you are justified being upset. That was very inconsiderate and just plain rude! Have fun tonight though! The goat cheese sounds so yummy!