Friday, July 10, 2009

It's all about the little things

Yesterday I sat back and reflected on the things that I am grateful for. It can be easy to come up with a list of things that we're grateful for. Listing things like that really do make me appreciate them, yet doing that yesterday started me thinking that even though we have bigger things that we are grateful for (life, family, love, health) that often, it can be the little things that bring smiles to our face. I really wanted to focus on that today and try to remind myself to notice the little things.

So today, my thoughts on the little things, in no particular order.

The way my niece and nephew light up with joy when they see me. Their childish innocence touches me and always brings a smile to my face.

Mr. Potts will often get up in the middle of the night and get me a drink of water. This touching gesture - that he would wake up and get out of bed for me warms my heart.

Pepe cat - ok, maybe he's not a little thing. He was a rescue and is not a cuddly cat. He actually is pretty stand-offish. Yet every morning, I wake up to him laying at my feet and am treated to a few minutes of purr time.
My plants on the deck. I planted caladiums and gerber daisies this year. I love seeing how big my caladiums are getting - they're spreading out & look so relaxing. When I see a new gerber, I get so excited, waiting for it to open up to the sun.
Planning trips to see my dad in Nashville. Mr. Potts and I are heading up there in August for the weekend before my birthday to see him and my step-mom. I love having something like this to look forward to. It was HOT the night this picture was taken at an engagement party in Louisville for us.
Driving my car. This is a little thing for me because I enjoy it so much. I truly disliked the car I had before - we call it the Maddy wagon now because I got it simply so that I could drive Maddy to & from her vet appointments. I went from driving thisTo thisTo now thisAnd I love it. I like shifting through the gears.

Puppies. I love seeing puppies. I love puppies that I know & those that I don't. I love seeing pictures of them, I love petting them, I love hugging them. And by puppies, I mean dogs from 6 weeks old to 15 years old. Big, small, I love them all!These are some of the little things that make me smile. What are the little things in your life that you treasure?


Anonymous said...

You have such incredible optimism. I love that you always look to happy things in the toughest moment. That's a great quality

GingerSnap said...

My dog always makes me happy, she is so spunky and humerous :)