Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation Recap

This past week the Potts' were out of town on vacation in the Outer Banks - they are beautiful! It was a nice trip, with a few highlights and a few lessons learned.

The sunsets were beautiful. From the back deck, I could sit with my book and a glass of wine & watch the sun go down. It was also chilly!

Mr. Potts was so excited that not only could we take Hayden down to the beach, but she could swim in the water! She's so funny - she had no fear & couldn't wait to get out there & jump into the waves!
Jumping wavesHappy Dog!

We spent several days on the beach, reading, getting in the water (which was ICE COLD) and reapplying sunscreen. I also took the hat I wore to Derby - since I just had my hair done, I didn't want to ruin it & end up looking like a Vegas Stripper.

On Thursday we went deep sea fishing. I've never been & was ready to do something a little different while we were there. We made sure we had Dramamine & set off at 5:30am on Thursday morning. Yep, 5:30am. Who in their right mind gets up that early on vacation?

We went pretty far out & started catching fish. I was the only female on the boat. When it was my turn, the guys looked at Mr. Potts and asked if I would be ok. He just grinned & told them that I'd be fine - they don't know how stubborn I can be. I was going to get my fish in all by myself!I caught the biggest one of the day! Mr. Potts had his turn & caught a pretty big one too!

They were STRONG & didn't want to get reeled in!
On our drive back, Mr. Potts and I rehashed our trip. We usually do this and talk about the most fun part, what we ate that we liked the most, etc. During that discussion, I told Mr. Potts that there is no way I will ever spend another full week with his mom & step-dad. His mom mooned over him as if he was 6 - not 34 (today's his birthday - Happy Birthday Baby!) and married. I was totally ignored and when I would try to talk to Mr. Potts or his step-dad I was interrupted & totally talked over. I told Mr. Potts that on my vacation, I didn't feel that I should have to withdraw into myself & not talk. That was the only "eh" moment(s) of the vacation. I'd love to spend a week with his Dad & Step-mom or my Dad & Step-mom. Anyone else deal with things like this?

On a whole, our vacation was great! I was able to get away & relax. Hope you all had a fabulous week!!


The Pink Chick said...

I love Outer Banks! We went for the first time last summer! It is wonderful! I am glad you had a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

1. Where in the OBX were you?
2. Girl, I think you described my MIL. I am a possessive woman around her because yes, that is her baby, her only child, but that's my husband so hands off!
3. Amazing catch! The fish, but do wish the hubs a happy birthday! ;)
4. Those rehashing of the vacation conversations are the best!

Glad you two had a wonderful vacation!

Tara Gibson said...

what a great vaca! Love how happy the dog is : )

Amber said...

Girl, did you seriously catch that big ol' fish by yourself? I'm so impressed! Happy Birthday to Mr. Potts!

Whitney said...

OMG that is a HUMONGOUS fish! Looks like y'all had a great time! Beautiful sunset pics!

Michelle said...

We love, love, love OBX! We're always in Buxton, Frisco or Hatteras during the summer.

Nice catch...did you guys go fishing out of Oregon Inlet??

It's hard to vacation with family...been there, done that with my own MIL (and it didn't end well either).

Sounds like you guys had a great vacay!!!

Belle said...

You go girl! That fish is HUGE!

Jenny DB said...

Spent a week with my boy's dad and stepmom. That was like 5days too long... so yes, i can relate :-) love the pics of your pup in the ocean. My bondi would be doing the same thing!