Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wishful Wednesday & Where in the World Wednesday

Wow - two in one (posts that is!!)

I couldn't skip out on Where in the World Wednesday or Wishful Wednesday, so I knew I'd need to have two posts in one & two posts in a day (seems to be a trend around here).

Let's start off with Classy in Philadelphia's Where in the World Wednesday, shall we?
The idea of WITWW is to post a picture of you in someplace in the doesn't have to be somewhere foreign or tropical. Just a picture of you somewhere that you consider traveling.

My Where in the World Wednesday comes to you courtesy of the Norwegian Cruise Line's cruise that Mr. Potts & I went on to celebrate our first anniversary. Some of you may recognize this picture as the FIRST time Mr. Potts ate sushi! I KNOW - CRAZY!!!

Red face (me) courtesy of adult beverages & sun!

Next up? The Seattle Smith's Wishful Wednesday - isn't the new button spiffy? And really, who says spiffy anymore??
This week's Wishful Wednesday:
I wish I had Reese Witherspoon's or Jennifer Anniston's hair!

Now, I try, I really do to get my hair to look as close to their's as possible (and let's just be honest here, I wish I looked like either of them too!), but with the natural wave/cowlicks (yes there are TWO of them)/widow's peak/humidity I'm destined for failure 80% of the time.


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Absolutely love pics -- I would take either one of those hairstyles any day!!

Erika said...

Ooo they both have lovely hair!

Brown Girl said...

Jennifer Aniston has awesome hair!

Lexilooo said...

Cute! Did he like the sushi? I am still a baby about sushi...I will eat the veggie rolls, and a few of the others, but very few! I refuse to eat eel, and anything raw. Baby steps, I say, baby steps :)

Brittany said...

Reese would be on my list too!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Cruises are my ABSOLUTE favorite. I've had such good times on them.

Thanks so much for participating and squeezing my little feature into your Wednesday :) See you next week!

Lil' Woman said...

I cant wait to go on a and Big Man decided that's what were going to do for our honeymoon! :)

USCEmily said...

I am totally with you on wanting Jennifer or Reese's hairstyles- but I'm also totally with you on the humidity thing. I just can't make it happen!

katie + bret said...

Man, Reese has been a popular choice this go round. And why wouldn't she be?! She is just the cutest!

Great pics and I like your Where in the World thing too :)

Michelle said...

Yum...sushi! It's my favorite!!

Love the pic of you & Mr. Potts!!

And, I'd love to have either Reese or Jennifer's hair. It's just always so gorgeous...unlike my mess which is in bad need of a dye job. LOL

Annie said...

that is such a cute pic of you two!! you both look so happy :)
i was looking up cruises yesterday, i'm dying to go on vacation! ;)
did mr. p enjoy the sushi?
i'm not a sushi girl, the only kind i'll eat is vegetarian rolls. the texture of raw fish in my mouth makes me want to throw up, ha.
i would also take either of their hair anytime!

Abbie said...

My hair will never look like theirs either... I have much too much of it. Great picks though!