Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It was the BEST DAY EVER

At least according to my nephew. My sweet nephew. The munchkins were over on Thanksgiving & had such a great time. They hunted for Pepe Cat (because that cat is like *poof* when they come over!), they played with Hayden & they spent precious time with us.

We ate good food, not a thing bad was to be had. And then we hung out.

Simple things like this make days like those the BEST DAY EVER!! And I LOVE it. I love that the actions we take with them, the things we do, the things we teach them, the love we shower them in, that these things, these times we spend focusing on them are how we make the BEST DAY EVER!!

The next best day ever was this past Saturday when we made our Christmas cookies & decorated them. And I mean DECORATED them. Icing & sprinkles & sugar dusting and shimmery icing & cream cheese icing.

It was perfect.

They're not mine, but they are. Or should be. I wish they could be. That those two little ones who look up to us could be ours.

They'd never want for anything and they'd never fear not being loved or wanted.

When an ornament broke (I broke one & munchkin broke one) I had to soothe his tears because he wanted me to be more careful & he was sorry about his ornament. I rocked that little guy until he was calmed and then we finished the tree. And decorated a few more cookies.

In my last post I mentioned that my world is not perfect. It is far from it, but even though it is not perfect, it is perfect for me.

I have perfect children who are in my life and whom I love with everything I have. And while none of us will ever find pure perfection, I want to keep giving them as many "BEST DAY EVER", as many PERFECT DAYS as I can.

Because if I could, truly could, I'd bring those children into the Potts family & make them my own. But since that is not going to happen, I do the best I can and strive for perfection for them.

What do you do to change the lives of others? Insignificant? Small, big - it all counts!
Share with me so I can combine & share with others.

Happy Monday y'all! I'm in Bangor Maine.
Do you say (spelled for pronunciation) Bain-gor or Bain-ger?
Or have you ever thought of it?


USCEmily said...

Wonderful post! Ed has a niece that we would have come to live with us if we could. It would certainly be a better situation for her, but since it's not going to happen, we enjoy spending time with her and spoiling her when we can!

MCW said...

I always said Bang-or. Makes me laugh...

I love it when kids say "best day ever!" They are lucky that you can do that for them!

Brittany Ann said...

This made me cry.

Love you.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Bang-gor is how i say it!
They seem to have "THE best days EVeR" with you a lot!! That shows how much time and love you give them!

Dancy said...

Sweet post. I'm glad you have them, and I'm glad they have you!! D has little cousins whose parents do nothing but argue - we like to take them away from it for a while whenever we can. I think we love it more than they do.

Oh & I thought it was bang-gor too. ;)

Anonymous said...

They have a lot of best day evers with you two. They're lucky to have such a wonderful aunt and uncle!

I've always said Bang-gor!

Kassie said...

There's nothing like children to make you see things differently. You're such an incredibly aunt, even if the situation isn't the best.

And I say Bang-or. How is it meant to be pronounced?

Neha said...

A wonderful post! I would love to have my niece and nephew with me all the time. Children are such blessings, making your life so happy and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts about your munchkins. I know the way you feel about them is just how I feel about my sweet baby nephew. (Ok, he's not really a baby anymore, but he'll always be a baby to me.) You're influencing their lives in ways you don't even know yet--I'm so proud to know you and call you a friend.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

awww now that is a special day xoxoox