Friday, March 12, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone! It's here - another edition of Fabulous Friday! A highlight of all things fabulous that I've stumbled across over the course of this week (in no particular order, of course!) or even fond memories I have stored in my brain.

As with last week's FF, I'm going to highlight some blogs on Fabulous Friday that may have touched my heart, made me laugh out loud or perhaps even just re-evaluate the way I look at things.

Last week I highlighted someone who is making changes in her life. This week I bring you Brown Girl. A woman I would love in real life if we ever met. She reminds me of me, except in a not white girl type of way. I love this post and how she shares with us what works for her. Sometimes when people do that it can come off as condescending & I love that this one never did.

For those of you who don't read her, Maegan of Maegan shared her French Bulldog LeRoy this week. Animal lovers out there - you'll find the clip of him eating grass amusing. It made me smile & think about how Maddy would chomp on some grass every once in a while.

Jenny of So Say I had me laughing out loud in my hotel room and shaking my head when she shared about a certain part of San Francisco. For those feint of heart, please don't read this one while eating. I for certain will not be going to that area of the city!

Ashley of Kiwis & Cocktails needs your help. She had me laughing in her search for the perfect ankle bracelet. If any of you have an idea of how to make one, please let her know!

MCW was a "Lady Who Lunches" this week. Which was funny. Then yesterday while I was out eating lunch (a lunch so yummy & filled with garlic that I could STILL keep a vampire away - just not Edward, please?) I saw a group of older women who were indeed lunching. They were all in their 70's (and comparing to see who was the oldest, HA!) & having such a great time. I hope to keep such a great group of friends that I'm doing that when I'm in my 70's. And asking for a beer or glass of wine as several of them did.

I've also noticed that I have some new followers. Come play & let me know who you are.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday to you too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with the Mister, Hayden, & the cat!


KatieSPerk said...

What a great Friday Feature! Have a good weekend! Thanks for sharing some new blogs!

KatieSPerk said...

What a great Friday Feature! Have a good weekend! Thanks for sharing some new blogs!

Trish said...

Thanks for sharing the new blogs! I really enjoyed reading BG's post too. Hope you have an excellent weekend sweetie.

Deelsu said...


Brown Girl said...

Awe you are so sweet, thank you! And I am so glad that you didn't think I sounded like a brown hooker know-it-all! ;) I know that's a lot of working out for post people so I hope that when I do my food post it will make more sense to people!

Thanks again, that really made my Friday!! Happy Weekend!

MCW said...

I loved lunching...I am lucky that my job allows me the time too :)
Next time the Twins are leaving the kids at home and we have having more the 1 glass of wine :)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Aw...hahah. I was laughing out loud on Jenny's post too! So gross!! I love the older ladies you saw lunching...just reading about it made me smile!!! AND, I Just got back from an ealry lunch with my mom...and we were talking about my grandparents (on both sides who are 80 and still very active and healthy) and my mom basically told me I have the best genes ever and I should live a VERY long and healthy dont' eff it up! :) she said it in a nice way of course.
THANKS for the shout out. I am going to finish up my ankle monitor thing tonight!! haha.

Lil' Woman said...

Great post and wonderful ladies to feature! :)

Brittany Ann said...

I just adore this! Helps me see what I missed in the blog world this week!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

love the new blog suggestions. and MCW is a friend IRL and she is just as awesome and beautiful as her blog .. have a great weekend xo