Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

The Undomestic Momma hosts Top 2 Tuesday each week. I don't believe I've ever participated before, but I thought this one would be fun - pick your top 2 baby names.

Some of you may be pondering my choice in participating since Mr. Potts & I won't be creating any little potts or pans (I made a funny, you can laugh, I did!). Even though little ones of our own won't be gracing our household doesn't mean that I can't have favorite baby names.

So, if we were ever to have a little girl munchkin, she would be named Katherine Ann. Katherine is his grandmother's middle name & Ann is my middle name passed down from my mom.

I couldn't go with a name after my grandmother - Gertrude anyone? Gert? Gertie? Trudie? Probably not, huh?

If there were ever a little boy munchkin, he would be named Preston Michael. Michael because it is a good name & Preston was my grandfather's middle name (we'd HAVE to go with the middle since his first name was Harvey). Plus, if we went that route, he'd totally be a PIMP because his initials would be PMP.

Yep, I just went there. I'm a dork.

On a serious side note, though, what was it with the naming of that generation? I also had an aunt Lucille & an uncle Horace!

But it is OK - remember - not procreating!

So if any of you love these names, please feel free to take them & use them. If you choose Gertrude or Harvey, however, I'm not taking the blame!


Heather said...

My middle name is Ann, also passed down from my mom. i will not be carrying it on if we have a girl though. i will be using my grandmothers name: Sam.

MCW said...

My grandfather's name was Walter Wilford and had a W last name...you want that one???

KatieSPerk said...

Yes that generation had some interesting names.. My g'ma was Peggy. Her sisters were Ernestine & Harriet!!
I like your "chosen" baby names.

Anonymous said...

Your middle name is similar to my middle name!

I want Adele Helena for a girl, Adele because it's beautiful and Helena as a variation of my great-grandmother's name, Helen.

And for a boy, Gabriel Paul, because the name Gabriel is a strong, good name and Paul is hubble's middle name and his dad's middle name, and his grandfather's middle name. In sum, it is a family name! :)

My mom's parents names were Stephen and Hattie. Hatties last name was used as inspiration for my last name!

Even tho you won't have little potts and pans, you have the munchkins and you can be an aunt to my little dimple-brown-eyed-strong-thigh'ed children, that will likely also have humungous eyebrows!! :)


Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

I love Katherine Ann!

d.a.r. said...

I love love love it!! I died laughing at the lil' potts and pans comment :)

Kathryn Anne is our first choice for a little girl! Followed closely by Elisabeth Grace.

Anne is a family name and we love "Kate". Elisabeth is also a family name.

For boys..our first born will be after both of our grandfathers--James (Jack) Matthew. After that, we can't really agree on anything. Lord help me if I have lots of boys!

Brittany Ann said...

I love that we have the same middle name!And I love the name Preston! Can I steal?

Caroline said...

Beautiful names. My grandmothers are named Shirley and Ola. No thanks. Fred's grandmothers are Adeline and Willie. No thanks, again. Poor women!

Deelsu said...

My nephew's name is Preston Allyn. It was our stepgrandfather's name.
My favorite baby names are:
* Eva (for a girl)
* Bates(Mom's maiden name)for a boy.
Brad doesn't like Bates for a first so we've come up with Tatum Bates. Call him Tate.

Erin said...

haha I like Gertrude and Harvey. The old folks names are coming back in style! Both of your picks are excellent!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

hahah not potts or pans! I laughed. Maybe MCW's WWW grandfather invented the internet! :)
My husband wants to name a boy after his grandfather and Dad named Leonard. I was like. BiG N to the O. So he revised it to Lennox. I guess we will see when that time comes!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

My great grandpa wanted me to be named after him and named "Mocksley" I mean that is bad!!!! Love your picks Mrs. Potts!

Annie said...

there were many interesting names back them, my grandpa's sisters had some strange names! they will not be passed down ;)
i think preston is a cute name!

hope you are having a great day lovely!

Barb said...

My grandmothers were Cora and Juanita so I didn't use those for my daughters,my oldest daughter is Rachel because I loved that name from the bible and just spelled it different and my youngest is Lauren because I love old movies and Lauren Bacall....Barb

Brown Girl said...

Ha ha, I love your little joke! Potts and Pans, Ha!

Brittany said...

Love your names! Katherine Ann goes together so well. Oh man, our family names are terrible!! Patsie and Edna are 2 of my grandmas..oh lordy! We won't be using those!

Belle said...

Love the names! My bff's name is Katharine Ann and she goes by Kay!

Kassie said...

My godmother's name is Gertrude, and we call her Trudy. Both are fairly unfortunate, really. lol. My middle name is Michelle, after my father Michael. I have a really common boy's first name for my current (so future maiden name) last name, so I've always thought I would name my future son my maiden name! (Wow, that was hard to explain without writing the name out here, hehe).

Neha said...

Those were some nice names. Though in India, we usually get to name the baby with an auspicious letter, followed with the surname of the father. So, my pick for my son would be Aarav - meaning 'peaceful' and for my girl it would be Sanaya that means eminent or distinguished :)

Lil' Woman said...

Every generation has some crazy names where you go WTF?