Friday, November 14, 2008

On our way to Barbados!

I'm so excited about this! We had to wait a week between our wedding and honeymoon since the flights from Charlotte to Barbados only run on Saturdays. Why am I writing about this here, you may ask? We're going to have the chance to partake of some wonderful restaurants and cuisine. Gourmet oceanfront restaurants, authentic local eateries, to festive downtown bistros. We are lucky to have two restaurants at our resort, The Crane. Zen features classic Thai and Japanese cuisine overlooking Crane Beach. L'Azure showcases a panoramic sea view and Caribbean seafood, along with a Sunday brunch featuring live Caribbean gospel music!

Check out The Crane here.

With weather in the mid-high 80's we'll have perfect weather to do some exploring of local eateries - and hopefully some shopping!!

We'll be gone for a full week. I'll be back right before Thanksgiving. So I'll have to update with food from Barbados as well as what our Thanksgiving menu will be.


Mrs. Stilettos said...

Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon!! I am so excited for you!

Once you get back and are settled I hope you have fun answering my fun questions! I tagged you on my blog!

Hopefully it will create some new traffic on your blog for you! :)

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