Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stonewall Kitchen

I am obsessed with Stonewall Kitchen! I travel quite a bit for work and have been to Portland, Maine several times (it can get really cold!). On a trip there I discovered Stonewall Kitchen. Let me tell you a little about them.

Sixteen years ago two friends showed up at a local farmers market with their vinegars and jams. Friends would help them bottle their wares and seal them. Their staff now totals over 200 and they have 8 local stores. If you're lucky enough to be near one, stop in! What will you find? Fresh ingredients of the highest quality are all that are used.

For a bridesmaid brunch this past Friday, I ordered small jars of some of my favorite jams and preserves to give as gifts. They were such a hit! I made sure to order enough so that I could have one of each too. My favorite so far has been the Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, but I tried the Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam and I am hooked!

And yes, they really are worth writing home about! I send little gifts to my new grandmother all the time from them. She raves about them every time!

Check them out here - Stonewall Kitchen

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Mrs. Stilettos said...

What a fabulous idea! Look at you!!

I love jams and jellies. There is something so comforting about a homemade jam around the holidays!

P.S. Thanks for following my blog!