Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Workout Wednesday - Part II

I was so honored when Brittany of Living in the Moment asked me to do a guest post for her Workout Wednesday edition. At first I thought that she was joking. I thought, "Me? Why me? I'm not doing anything super special." Then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I am doing like so many of you are. Making changes, making choices and doing my best. I also realized that I had to include two bloggers I follow who are making the same hard changes and choices, Brown Eyed Girl (b.e.g.) and Kassandra.

So, for you, the second part of Workout Wednesday.

Little Changes

While I would love to have fried chicken (have I ever mentioned I make great fried chicken?) I know it is not the best choice for me. I've learned to make an oven baked "fried" chicken instead. I love it.

Kassandra told me that she loves chicken. As she put it, you can do so many things with a chicken breast for only 100 calories. Using a crock-pot she can cook it add all kinds of sauces or marinades for next to no calories and make all kinds of good meals with it, whether it be a breast of chicken by itself, or with pasta, or in a salad its always wonderful and full of protein!

b.e.g. has been using the Weight Watchers Essentials book and using their modified recipes. Making slight changes such as using skim milk, reduced fat cheese, and whole grain pasta, and portioning out a single serving has helped her to indulge but without the guilt!

This is such a great way to make the little changes that will add up! I love the Cooking Light cookbooks & magazines. With the nutritional value it is easy to figure my points for the meal.

"But what about desserts," you may be asking. I love fresh fruit. Give me strawberries, blueberries, mangos, apples (but only Granny Smith!), really any kind of fruit. I can top a large spoonful of frozen yogurt or regular yogurt with the fruit & have a healthy dessert.

b.e.g. loves the Betty Crocker Warm Delights, the mini bowls, for 150 calories or 3 points, her chocolate cravings are kicked to the curb! While she's going for the chocolate, Kassandra is enjoying frozen yogurt. She stumbled upon Incredible Yogurt one day when she wanted ice cream. She hadn't gone there a lot in the past but figured that yogurt is better for you so she might as well check it out. They vary from 25 all they way down to 7 calories an ounce so she can get a small 7 calorie and ounce for 35 calories, and its yummy too!

Set Goals

Before starting a big program focus on both your BIG and small goals. Ask yourself what motivates you. Kassandra had a great point when she noted that so often we think, "I wanna lose weight to prove a person wrong who didn't think I could do it or to fit in a certain pair of pants or size." While those are great motivators, they shouldn't be your only goals.

Mr. Potts and I often say, "Go Big or Go Home." This applies here - Think Big. Set Goals that will still be important to you 6 months, a year, 5 years from now. For Kassandra, that sometimes means she has to be harsh and say "Kassey, you want that cheeseburger or do you want a baby in 10 yrs or so??". "Kassey is sitting on your butt not worth ever getting your dream husband or job, because you were too careless to take of yourself?"

As harsh at it seemed those were "BIG" things to her and things that were not worth giving up for food, because she reminds herself that this is a long process, so you have to have big long term goals.


Small word, big meaning. You have to commit to this. Not just to losing weight & looking better, not just to losing weight and fitting into your favorite pair of jeans (yay me), but to making a lifetime change. This is a change where you amy have to sometimes pick the grilled chicken salad instead of the Reuben & onion rings you really want.

This change may involve going to the gym 5 nights a week & putting yourself through a Boot Camp style class (I die!!) or a spinning class (good for you Kassandra!). This change may be about learning to run to complete a 5K (go b.e.g.!).

This change is about commiting to yourself. To commiting to your health. To commiting to you.

And in the end, aren't you worth it?


Deelsu said...

Great post! It's all about the lifestyle change.

Lucky in Love said...

Thank you for your posts today! I am definitely in the same boat as you...working out and doing it's great to have the outlook of how someone else is doing it.


Lindsey said...

Fabulous post!!! It def is a lifestyle change!

Whitney said...

I completely agree with everything!

katie + bret said...

Wonderful post with wonderful advice! minus giving up fried chicken ;)

Brown Girl said...

This is a great post and good for you. I love fried chicken! Yummy but I also love baking it...just as yummy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your posts today, Mrs. Potts! You have inspired me in many ways! XOXO

Brittany said...

Great post! I found your blog through Brittany Ann. Thanks for the info!

Brittany Ann said...

Yay! Glad I finally got to read Part 2! Love it! you are so wonderful!