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Fabulous at 50!

Have you been to visit Whitney from That Girl & her Pug? No? You must! She's so wonderful & has the cutest little Pug named Ida Claire. She's awesomely inspirational (check her out on Good Will Grace) and incredibly honest - she's shared her struggles with her brain tumor as well as her weight loss journey.


While Mr. and Mrs. Potts are off somewhere gorgeous sipping Mai Tai's and having no cares in the world, Mrs. Potts asked me to fill in. As if I could fill her shoes, but I'm going to do my absolute best!

When she asked me (and my other esteemed guest bloggers) to fill in for her, she gave us some suggestions on what to write about. Our favorite part of our wedding, honeymoon, etc. Well, since I'm still checking the "single" box on health forms and such, I have no memories of which to share with you. What I do have, however is my most favorite vacation I've ever taken. So, today that's what you're gonna get.

A little background:
When my momma turned 50, I knew I wanted to do something special for her. She is the most important person to me and I wanted to make sure we celebrated right. So, I started saving and saving so I could give her the vacation of a lifetime. It had been almost 20 years since she'd had a vacation and it was high time she had one. She had also never been to Florida (which is still crazy for me to even fathom that she was 50 before she went to Florida) so I figured what better place to go than Miami?

It was the best. We stayed at the Fairmont Hotel Resort and Spa in Aventura, went on a day cruise to the Bahamas, took in the whole spa experience with massages and pedicures, shopped a whole lot and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.

So, below you will see some of my favorite pictures. We took so many, so it was hard to select (seriously, Sophie's choice people) but I did it and here's what you get.

I hadn't been on an airplane since I was about 3 months old, so this was the first one I remembered. Suffice it to say I was terrified! I probably should have taken a sedative.

We were so sleepy because we had to get up so early to be at the airport. While my mom was getting ready she tried on 2 different pairs of shoes trying to make a decision on which one to wear. When she made a decision evidently she forgot to follow through and this sight is what we saw going through security. Only my mom.

Again, we were so tired (or flight took off at 7am) but we wanted a picture of us on the plane. Well everyone that sat around us was snooty, so we did the self portrait thing, but couldn't quite seem to get it. This was the best result of at least 25 attempts.

We stayed in style. The resort was 5 stars and amazing.

We had massages and pedicures. The spa was amazing. I wish I lived there, I swear I would be there every single day.

The private beach was gorgeous.

And while we were walking we found some dentures that washed up on shore. So, we did what everyone would do - we took a picture. And then I threw up in my mouth.

One of the restaurants we ate at was called Bice. It was an Italian place recommended to us by our concierge. It was fabulous! Isn't my mom beautiful? I don't think she looks 50 at all!

Getting on the ship for our daycruise.

Don't even try and guess what number drink that is!

Welcome to Freeport! Shopping here I come!

On the way back the sun began to set and it was breathtaking. I actually have this photo blown up in a collage on my wall.

South Beach!

All in all, it couldnt' have been a better trip. We laughed til we cried, shopped til we dropped and ate til we popped. And it was a blast.

I want to thank Mrs. Potts for asking me to fill in for her while she is off! I'm jealous of her vacation but couldn't be happier for her and Mr. Potts celebrating one year of marriage! They are just about the cutest couple ever.

Thanks Mrs. Potts! And thank y'all for taking a visit to pictureland here - if you ever want more, you know where to find me!!

Whitney Johnson


Thank you Whitney for sharing this. How wonderful to be able to do this for your mom!! Perhaps I'll come back with some great pictures like this!

Thank you all for coming and visiting & for showing my guest bloggers all your love & support. Mr. Potts and I should be back by the time you're reading this & I can't wait to share our adventure with you all!

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