Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where Should We Go Next?

Today I bring you Amber, from Life As We Know It. If you haven't been to see her yet, you need to. The lady is beautiful - plus she roots for LSU!


I love me some Mrs. Potts! She is one of the sweetest, most genuine bloggers I know and she never fails to put a smile on my face. So when she asked me to do a guest post for her I was beyond excited. Then I freaked out because I had no clue what to talk about. Then I went back to being excited because I knew I could count on her to give me some fabulous topic ideas. And fabulous ideas she gave!

Some of her suggestions included a favorite part or memory from my wedding or honeymoon, a favorite vacation, and what we did for our first anniversary. I started to go with one of those but then realized that many of you have no clue who I am and may or may not care what I did for my wedding, honeymoon or first anniversary!

So instead, I decided to keep the travel theme and put a little spin on it.

My husband and I are currently trying to plan our next vacation, which will take place this December. And by currently, I really mean we’ve been trying to decide where we want to go since our vacation LAST December. We knew we wanted to go to Seattle for our first anniversary in July but for whatever reason we CANNOT settle on a place for December.

After going around and around in circles, we’ve managed to narrow it down to three choices. At least until we decide to change our minds again.

We’ve visited each place before and enjoyed them so much we’d like to go back. Our top contenders, in no particular order, are:

San Diego

This one is appealing partly because we feel like we’d be able to divide our time between relaxing/not doing much and sightseeing/being active. We’d stay for about a week and think we could see and do what we want in a few days and then have the rest of the time to, well… rest.

New York

I’m pretty sure there’s no need for me to explain the appeal of this destination. My husband actually proposed in New York (on top of the Empire State Building, no less!) and there is no shortage of things to do there. Especially around Christmas time. One drawback of this trip would be that because of the amount of things to do in NYC, we’d feel the need to go go go the whole time and would probably not get much relaxing done. Another drawback is that I HATE being really cold. I’m from Louisiana, y’all. It’s the middle of November and I’m still wearing short sleeves. And it’s not looking like that will change any time soon. SO the New York weather would be quite a shock to my wussy self.

Tropical Paradise… Somewhere

Again, the appeal is obvious. A drawback is that “Tropical Paradise” could mean any number of destinations. Somewhere in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Hawaii… If we decide to go tropical, we’d still have a lot of decision making ahead of us. Another drawback is that we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon last year and the memories are still really fresh so maybe we should do something different for this trip.

So, my new (and maybe some old) friends, where should we go?

If you had to pick one of these three places, which would you pick?

If you weren’t held to these three choices and could go anywhere in the US, where would you go?

For your help with this decision (if you do help, a.k.a. comment), I’m going to randomly pick one of you to send a little something to! It will most likely be a gift card to Target or Starbucks or somewhere else I can get to easily because I’m crazy busy and this would be easiest for right now. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I’ll pick a winner on Friday! Easy “money,” right? If you don’t have a blog where I can reach you if you win, leave your email address in the comment or email me at Ber611 at aol dot com with your email.

Thanks for playing along with the random girl on Mrs. Potts’ blog!

And thank you, Mrs. Potts, for having me!


For what its worth, I'd pick San Diego!! And for all of you out there commenting today & sharing your love, I'm adding a little something special to Amber's Oh So Generous Giveaway! When you comment, if you become a follower of Amber's (or already are) make sure to say so - I'll pick a winner for an additional giveaway prize. So go! You should follow her!! You know you want to!


Brittany Ann said...

Go to NYC! I love it there, and for December, how gorgeous!

And I'm a devoted Amber follower (and friend!)


Lindsey said...

Oh def go to NYC, in December it would be SO pretty!

Susannah said...

NYC-no one wants to put on a bathing suit in December! :D

Whitney said...

I say NYC without a doubt!

Chardonnay said...

I'm a follower of Amber! I say tropical paradise all the way. It will be a nice winter break.

katie + bret said...

Well... since I just got back from Jamaica I vote for tropical paradise, lol.

But, I have to say, I love NYC. Have you been before? If not then it is a must! Especially in Decemeber - Christmas there is to die for!

Christine said...

I am an amber follower! and I would say NYC, but that's just because I've never been and I would love to go...btu since I can't I'd like to see/hear all about it in her blog! haha Good Luck picking!!

Jenny DB said...

Umm Seattle in July = amazing. I'm not biased or anything:)

and NYC in Dec never fails to get me goin.. but only before xmas!!

Sue said...

My pick would be NYC....BEAUTIFUL at Christmas. However, it would be difficult if a "Tropical" paradise was another choice. I am a follower of Amber, too.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

yay for a vacay! I think I would have to go with NYC this time, we've been talking about wanting to go too! that would be so much fun to go in the holiday season time=) and you'd have see a show!=)

Deelsu said...

Hey! I went to LSU too! I'll have to check out your blog.
As for your vacay pick? NYC is VERY expensive, SD is awesome and allows you to do sightseeing and hang, and tropical paradise always works for me :)

Annie said...

i have to vote for either SD or a tropical place (st. thomas!).
when it's winter the only thing i can think of is spring and summer ;) i love warm weather and if i was to take a vacation in december/winter i would for sure go somewhere warm!!
NYC in the winter does not sound appealing to me. it would for next week, watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade!! ;)

of course i follow both of you lovely ladies!! :)

Jennifer said...

NYC! I would LOVE to go at Christmas time! I bet it's beautiful! Also a follower of Amber's :)

Kristin said...

Hmmmm. I have fam in SD, and I do love it there. NYC is always fabulous...but I would go with Jamaica. There is a spot in Negril called The Rockhouse that is amazing. Meg got married there. It's crazy reasonably priced and simply gorgeous!

In this wonderful life... said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE NYC! I think it is just the greatest place!!

Erin said...

I think you should go to San Diego or somewhere tropical.......because I want you to come to New York with me on Mardi Gras break. Yes, that's a selfish reason, but I'm ok with that. Haha.

I love my Amber!!!

Molly Lou Gifts said...

Hi Amber! Love this post...we should definitely be friends...can't believe we aren't already. I do love Mrs. Potts and have quickly jumped on your bandwagon.

My husband also proposed in New York City on a dinner cruise in front of the statue of Liberty and we announced our engagement on The Today Show. We were also married in July. What day is your anniversary!

Back to the point and question...I love NYC so much and would definitely go there. Nothing shouts Christmas like New York. There is so much to do and depending on how "adventurous" you are or how much you want to plan...if you are going for a week, do NYC for the most part and then there are also some lovely little bed and breakfasts just outside the city in CT or upstate New York. You could take the train and then be able to get away and relax. How beautiful would a little CT bed and breakfast be at Christmas time.

Best of luck in your decision. Keep us posted!

Pat and Kristen said...

I have always wanted to go to NYC during Christmas! I think it would be absolutely beautiful, especially if there is a dusting of fluffy snow! But then again, I'm always a sucker for tropical paradise and I've never been to San Diego and have always wanted to go to Cali. I think whatever you choose, you can't go wrong, but my ultimate vote is for NYC!