Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fabulous Sugar Doll

Jen over at A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys tagged me with the "Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award". I love the title of this award. How fun! To play along, I'm supposed to list ten interesting things about me. These types of things are hard. I'm not 100% sure that I'm a super interesting person, but here goes!

Ten interesting things about me...
  1. I really enjoy what I do for a living. I like the way I interact with people regularly. I like the people I work with and I really adore my boss.
  2. I finally, for once in my life, have all 10 fingernails & all 10 toenails. Yep, no nubs, just nails!
  3. Due to the aforementioned nails, I may have a slight obsession with really pretty nail polish. Like Essie's heart my JR jewels.
  4. I have a really hard time coming up with lists like this. My brain usually turns to mush and I find myself wondering what could possibly be interesting about me.
  5. I secretly wouldn't mind being a size 0 or 2. I don't know that I've ever been that small. Or at least not since I was 9.
  6. I have a mad love for good jeans. I love my AG's, I'm super stoked to fit into my James Jeans & I'm thrilled that some of my "in between" jeans are too big now. Are a pair of Paige in my future?
  7. If I could buy a handbag a month, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Starting with this lovely.
  8. I think I may have fallen in love with Living Proof's No Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner. I've used it twice now & it has seriously cut down on my hair's tendency to frizz up.
  9. I would live in Cashmere if I could. Cashmere sweaters, cashmere t's, cashmere socks, cashmere lounging pants, the list goes on & on. The problem is my wallet. My wallet won't let me live in Cashmere.
  10. I'd rather eat salty rather than chocolate any day. Yep, I don't really like chocolate. Whoa! I know!!
At this point, I'm supposed to tag 10 Bloggers to play along.


Brown Eyed Girl
Brown Girl

Congrats ladies! You're now officially Fabulous Sugar Doll Bloggers!


Michelle said...

Totally diggin' on the same shampoo! I got a sample of the shampoo & conditioner with my most recent Sephora order and I love it!

I have fine, straight hair...but it still gets all 'messy' looking thanks to the bazillion flyaways...but not after using Living Proof!

I could totally live in cashmere, too. Where's my disposable income???

katie + bret said...

Congrats on the award! That is super exciting!

I am right there with you on the salty over chocolate - My poor arteries I swear...

Tara Gibson said...

thank you so much! love it

ps. i just found the most amazing jeans randomly at anne taylor loft yesterday. They are the new modern fit, very long and very slimming. I am in LOVE with them!

Tracy-Girl said...

I love my jeans too - and every time I am forced to make a list, I always blank out after the third or forth interesting fact! :)

Molly Lou Gifts said...

I love your list...congratulations on your award. You're awesome and so deserve it. Thanks for passing it on.

I love that handbag. If I was rich, I would wrap it up and send it to you now. It is fabulous. I am with you on the jeans. They can make me so happy. I will have to try that shampoo.

Hope you're having a great day. :)

AmericanTribal said...

Congratulations on your Blog Award! This must be your day because I *also* put you up for a blog award lol! If you'd like it, stop by my blog (it's the One Lovely Blog award). :)

Annie said...

yay for an award and thank you for the tag my luv!!
i wonder if i can come up with a list of 10 things about me...

i totally agree, i'd much rather eat a bag of chips than something sweet ;)
i'd love a pair of cashmere pants with matching socks, how amazing would that be!! not going to happen in my lifetime. it's fun to daydream about though.

Jenny DB said...

Love your list!! OK...
(1) LOVE that Marc Jacobs purse - I have a major obsession with MJ and find myself thinking, especially with his clothes, that his stuff is "so cute" whereas if it weren't MJ I'd probably think it was BLEH.
(2)I have a pair of Juicy Cashmere leg-warmers that I'm OBSESSED with. I've had them for 6 years and i'm pretty sure not in style. But I wore them yesterday. And the day before.
(3) Chocolate = Bleh. Cheese = delish! :)

Brittany Ann said...

Aww!! Thanks hun! You are too sweet! I'll do this next week!

Emily Anne said...

Cute blog. :-) Fun halloween. Blessings!

Amber said...

Yay thanks for the award! I plan on doing an award post soon so I'll add this one in. I'm glad you mentioned the Living Proof products, I've been wondering about them. I'll have to give them a try when I run out of my current products!