Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don't you love long weekends?

Mr. Potts and I had a very long, very busy weekend.

It started out with his dad and step mom coming into town to see us. Have I mentioned before that they are the only out of town family that makes a point to come to Charlotte to see us?

On Saturday we took them to the National Whitewater Center right outside of Charlotte. They loved it & his step mom was ready to go! Unfortunately, we didn't think ahead of time that they may want to do that, so we weren't prepared, clothes wise.

What a fun place though! I've been before and rafted, but Mr. Potts has not. We've decided to go back soon so he can enjoy it.

Mr. Potts modeled my new sunglasses - bought after a mishap that reduced me to wearing old ones until I could get replacements.

He thinks they look better on me. We'll go with that.

We also went to see Knight and Day. Cute movie and a great way to cool down in a theater after a hot morning outside.

On Sunday Mr. Potts and I took the munchkins, my mom and brother to a recreation park near them. It had kid's slides and a giant pool.

Some of them were meant for the little ones only.

I may or may not have slipped and ended up going down the kid only slide after my nephew.

Where my brother may or may not have proceeded to tell me that it is a good thing I have a little extra padding back there.

Look at these faces. First time down the big slide with Daddy.

With a splash!

Mr. Potts and the little sweetness may or may not have gotten "stuck" in the slide. No worries - they made it down.

A wonderful time had by all.

Don't you just LOVE long weekends?


KatiePerk said...

What fun pictures! That looks awesome!

Jess said...

What a great weekend!!

It was so rainy in the Sunshine State all weekend long, that waterparks and pools were out of the question, lol.

Tara Gibson said...

looks like tons of fun! love the pics!

Dee Stephens said...

We planned on going to the WWC for the 4th but stayed at High Rock Lake instead.
Our friend texted us and said there were 3K people there and it took 25 minutes to park!
i've been out there a bunch and have even done the rafting now I want to do the zipline!

Ashley said...

How much fun!!! I love the Whitewater Center! I've been a couple times but have never rafted. I like to watch all the people rafting! It looks like a lot of fun though. Glad you guys had a great weekend!

bananas. said...

love 'em? nope i'm OBSESSED with them? 3 day weekends should be the norm but then we'd want 4. silly humans, we're never happy. haha.

your weekend looks like so much fun and WET! good wet :)

MCW said...

I sooo want to go water-sliding now!!!

Brittany Ann said...

I spent last week with my nephews at a water park here and ate it several times! You're not alone!

Lil' Woman said...

What a fun time...I need to get to a waterpark asap in this heat.

Lexilooo said...

I want to go rafting! That looks like SO much fun!