Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabulous Friday -- Derby Day Fabulous

Happy Friday Everyone! It's here - another edition of Fabulous Friday! A highlight of all things fabulous that I've stumbled across over the course of this week (in no particular order, of course!) or even fond memories I have stored in my brain.

For one thing it is FABULOUS because I'm going home today!!

It promises to be a Fabulous/Interesting weekend with Mr. Potts and me hosting a Derby Day Bar Crawl. Complete with prizes for best hat (hope I win!), best dressed - Male/Female, dollar bets winner take all & lots of racing!!

Hey Trish, how is THAT for a Pink Hat?? Wish it were mine.
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Color me pink, I'm so excited I can't wait!!

We'll be kicking off at our home & instead of a Mint Julep, we'll be serving the Oaks Lily. Now, I know, the Oaks are Friday. Which is the day we usually go. Since we're not going to KY this year (which will be the first time we haven't gone since Mr. Potts and I have been together), I'm choosing to serve something yummy instead yucky.

Because, let's be honest y'all, Mint Juleps are NASTY!

For those of you that watch the races, a good way to pick your horse is by the rider. Yep, check out Calvin Borel, Kent Desormeaux, Edgar Prado & Julien Leparoux. Check your rider & then compare the horse's record on the turf they're running on.

Or you could just pick one cause you like the name. That's fun too!

Speaking of Trish, her Wordless Wednesday post this week just took my breath away. With cold weather in New England, this was a breath of fresh air.

I'm leaving you on that super high note. Have a wonderful weekend!


Dee Stephens said...

oh.. WOW! you guys have been to the Derby every year? How fun! We generally do Gold Cup up in NOVA.. but not this year b/c we were up there for that wedding last weekend :(
That bar crawl sounds fun! We have our LSU crawfish boil tomorrow!

jenn said...

YAY for Derby parties!! We're hosting one tomororw, too. Only we are serving mint juleps - we wanted to be authentic, but i'm with ya...ick. :( We will also have margaritas and plenty of other booze to make up for it! :) the oaks lily is delicious though!!

Molly Lou Gifts said...

Oh my goodness your weekend sounds like such fun! Can't wait for the recap and see the pictures of the big day and contest winners.

What does your hat look like? Trish would be so proud of you. :)

Have a wonderful Derby Day and Woohoo for your homecoming.

Trish said...

Hi sweetie! Your Derby bar crawl sounds like so much fun! Wait until I tell Matt, he will want to abandon our plans and come play with you and your hubby!

How is it that I have never heard of this Oaks Lily cocktail? Seriously! It sounds AWESOME! I tolerate mint juleps but your drink sounds SO MUCH BETTER!

I am so jealous that Mr. Potts is from Louisville and y'all have been so many times! Is it as fabulous as they say? I must make it one year. Bumpkin says we need to take the Natchez Derby cruise, do you know anyone who has done that?

I am SO impressed with that pink hat! Feathers and ALL! I am sure you will look gorgeous, please take pictures!! Thanks for the WW shout out, I had a ball obsessing over each and every picture. I had a folder of over 120 images, it was so hard to pick which ones to post LOL!

Happy weekend girly! xoxo

Gwen said...

How fun!!! I wish I could go just once and wear a fabulous big hat!!! Have a great weekend!!! XOXO

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

So fun! My mom has been to the Derby twice and I would love to go someday too!

MCW said...

Sorry you are missing the Derby! I would LOVE to go...Have a great weekend!