Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm often "That Girl"

I have quirks, just like everyone does, and sometimes I think to myself, "Oh my God. I'm THAT girl!"

What might bring this on?

I'm that girl that is on a treadmill sweating it out & sees someone new come into the hotel gym. I hand off the remote (because while I like to watch Paula Dean, Giada & the Neeleys while working out I'm sure most men have no interest in them) and then tell them that there were little kids in here just a few minutes ago & they didn't wipe anything down. The wipes are over there.

I'm the girl that on the treadmill in the hotel gym is secretly happy that no one is in the room because her tummy may be aching a little & she may need to relieve it. And then someone walks in. Which is where I try to disguise it by telling them about the kids (see above).

Yep, I'm THAT girl. But not often, thankfully!!

I'm the girl who tries to go to the grocery store at lunch to grab what she may need for dinner. The same one who makes an eyebrow appointment (which I'm typically rushing like a mad man to make on time) and remembers I forgot a few things.

I'm the girl who turns into a tomato when her eyebrows are waxed (super sensitive skin & not much that will soothe it without giving me little red bumps) who then has to go into the grocery store & pick up the things she forgot. WEARING HER SUNGLASSES - with absolutely no intent of taking them off.

Yep, again, I'm THAT girl. I mean, I usually joke about people who wear their sunglasses inside - like they're too cool for school. Which is what Mr. Potts now says when I wear said sunglasses.

I'm also the girl who in the grocery store manages to find the chunk of banana that some mother fed their kid & didn't pick up when they dropped it (and let's be honest, I know they may have missed the dropping, so I'll give them that) and slip on it.

Falling in all my glory & spilling my basket.

Mr. Potts was behind me & missed me slipping.

He told me later (after we finished laughing) that, "One moment you were there & then *POOF* you were gone!" Yeah, he found me when he looked down & saw me in tears (both from laughter & pain) on the ground.

I was THAT girl that slipped & fell on a piece of banana.

I'm the girl that makes awkward jokes about fire hands - all in an effort to make it better.

When I see Fire girl again, I keep repeating: "Don't look at the hands. Don't look at the hands. Don't talk about the hands. Don't talk about the hands."

So when Fire girl brings it up & tells me that I hurt her feelings, I'm the girl that apologizes & tries to laugh about how I make awkward jokes, but all in an effort to make things better & put people more at ease. I don't think she bought it. But that was ok, she was already canned.

So even when I was trying to avoid being that girl, I was THAT girl.

Help me out - tell me I'm not the only one who is sometimes THAT girl.


Domesticated-Bliss said...

Is it bad that I can say that I've done most of those things too? :)

Dee Stephens said...

I've done most of those things too.
I feel like I'm turning into my mother!

Tara Gibson said...

haha, too funny. everyone is "that girl" sometime in their life. its ok. you have the right attitude when it comes to it : )

Susannah said...

HAHAH! Love it! I've done a lot of that-but not fire hands-she needs to get over it! :D

Anonymous said...


I'm the girl who showered after the gym and walked to the nearby CVS in yoga pants and a huge hoodie, with the hood on.

To hide my lack of bra and the frizzy hair.

I honestly did laugh out loud, that Mr. Potts is quite the funny man! But seriously, ow!

MCW said...

I am that girl many times over - something everyday at least...
I am that girl who claims to loose her security card to get into my office building almost every day. And almost everyday it's in my hand (literally as I am searching my bag) or already clipped onto my dress. Now the security guard just points at where it is when I get frazzled.

bananas. said...

haha! it's okay, i actually like "that" girl.

and yes i think we've all been "that" girl.

Molly Lou Gifts said...

This was a great post and I laughed at the eyebrows. Mine do the same things.

In about every way I am THAT GIRL too. We would be quite a duo. I have done some of those same things and many are things/ways that I swore I would never do.

Fire girl brought up the hands and the fact that you hurt her feelings? I think that is bizarre.

Hope your week is going well.

Trish said...

You are so cute. I just so happen to love "that" girl! :)

Jenny DB said...

oh my gosh, cracking up over this post. love the grocery store mental pic and mr. potts, oh... he's like.. that's my girl! :)

Brittany Ann said...

Here's to being THAT girl!

Been there, sister!

Can't wait till June when we can all be "THOSE" girls together!

d.a.r. said...

You are so funny!!

Samantha said...

Oh Mrs. Potts, I'm totally THAT girl on a regular basis.

Matthias said...

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