Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where I've been

A few of you have emailed to see if I'm still alive.

I love the fact that I've begun to create those types of relationships through this that people will reach out to check on me.

I've traveled for two weeks straight - Monday - Friday & Tuesday - Friday.

I'm finally home, loving the weather. And following a yellow brick road.

That would be POLLEN for all you non-Southern folks.

I was walking to my car on Friday and thought, "Wow. That car's paint job is pretty. Such a pretty black with a hint of sparkle. Wait. Not sparkle...POLLEN!"

And with that, my allergies smacked me upside the head & decided to show me Who's the Boss. Obviously, it isn't me.

In addition to being gone, we've had some sad things going on that have tugged at my heart.

A mastiff here in CLT attached a small terrier/poodle mix at a dog park that Hayden loves and the small dog ended up dying.

I was heartbroken, thinking of how awful it must be to lose a beloved pet in this manner. How absolutely horrifying.

One of our good friend's father died unexpectedly on Tuesday & the funeral was today. I think this tugged at me especially since we (Mr. Potts, our friends & myself) are getting to the point where things like this start happening to our parents.

One of my father's closest friends passed this week unexpectedly as well.

While in New Hampshire this week I saw a girl sitting outside with her Great Dane. I had to stop & see her. Such a pretty fawn girl named Honey.

Walking away from petting her, I teared up & almost began crying. I was walking down a sidewalk paved in brick in my 4 inch heels - does a Southern Girl where much else? So no tears were allowed. I'm good in heels, but not that good!

I miss my Maddy every day & it has been almost two years now. Does the hurt and pain ever lessen? Will I ever miss her any less?

So a heart tugging last few weeks - missing home, thinking of mortality & missing my Mads. I've been reading, but not commenting as often.

A dis-jointed post, I know, but this is where I've been.

But I'm back.

Can't promise better than ever - but hey, who ever can?


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Chin up girlfriend, and thanks for letting us know you are still kicking. Spend some time with Mr., and we will be here when you are ready. Friday's just aren't the same without you.

Brittany Ann said...

I've been MIA too, but I still missed you!

I know how you feel about Mads! I honestly live in fear when my Marv will leave us! And when you come to visit, feel free to snuggle with him as much as you want!

Lil' Woman said...

I'm glad to see you back and am sorry for all the sadness you've had around you! Keep your head up darlin! :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs & kisses to you - I've still got you in my thoughts!

Dee Stephens said...

I was upset about the dog park incident too! I take Buddy there quite often. Just wish the owner had - had the dog in the small dog part(seems like no one ever goes in that part).
Hang in there and know we're all thinking of you!

MCW said...

I have missed you! Take all the time you need...xo

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I was wondering where you were!
I hope this week gets better and less sad for you!
The pollen is RIDIC this spring! That is so sad about the dog getting attacked. The owners of the mastiff must feel horrible too!! So sad.

jenn said...

oh gosh - i remember the pollen when i lived in atlanta. it would coat everything & turn it yellow. i'd never seen anything like it!