Monday, March 30, 2009

It's all about the pets

In the past few weeks, I have had such a longing in my heart to have my Maddy back with me. She was my constant companion for 9 years. I watched her grow from a gangly, uncoordinated little puppy to a huge, drooling, 156lb gentle giant. There are times when I walk downstairs and see a blanket on our love seat and think that it is her, sprawled out. It takes me a moment to realize it's not. I thought I'd share one of my favorite pictures - it was taken by a wonderful friend the day before we went to the vet for her final visit.Look at all that gray on her face. She was such a sweet girl and helped me get through so many tough times in my life.


I've often thought it would be interesting to know what animals think. I've often in my head pictured conversations between Maddy & Hayden. These two were so good in our home together. They'd lay on opposite ends of the room - a requirement for when you're 156lbs is that you get your own love seat. I would picture Hayden lifting her head & in her spastic voice "saying" to Maddy, "Hey! Maddy! Wanna trade spots??!! Yeah! C'mon! Please???!!!" I could then imagine Maddy lifting her big head & telling Hayden in a very laid back, California voice, "Nah - I'm feeling pretty fine right here. I don't really want to move. Maybe when mom gets home I'll get up."

Kind of silly that I would imagine all this in my head, huh?

Well, I also imagine that our cat Pepe speaks in a heavy French accent- his name is short for Pepe le Pew since when I rescued him he smelled like he'd crawled through sewage & had brown spikes for hair.

This past weekend, I watched Pepe stalk Hayden. Once Hayden had laid down with her ball, Pepe pounced. This is what I imagined - don't forget to read Pepe's part with a French accent:
Pepe: "I've got you now you big ball of yellow fur. I will eat your leg!"
Hayden: "What? You're going to eat my leg? Please don't. No, that hurts! Owww! Mom, Pepe tried to eat my leg!"
Pepe: "Harumph! I've got much better things to do than try to eat her leg." After saying this, he swishes his tail over Hayden's nose & walks away.

I do really wish I could hear what they think. Although I doubt it would be as interesting as it is in my head. Do your pets talk? Do you give them accents or personalities?
Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... my family talks about this all the time! We have a doberman. Everyone thinks dobermans are big mean dogs and they are usually portrayed as bullies with gangster voices in movies. But I think our little guy stares at us and really "speaks" with a strong English accent. I picture him thinking he's the king of the palace and we are his servants and he just sends us on our way to fetch him his water or something. haha

d.a.r. said...

All of the time!! My pug has a snotty British accent and my boston terrier sounds like Alfalfa :)

Anonymous said...

You are not the only one! My cat Monster I think if he could talk he would have an accent like a the head guy in a Mob! Our pug Alex I think he talks in a voice like the mice from cinderella! haha..I wonder if he'll grow out of that once he gets out of his puppy stage! haha

Barefoot in the Park said...

oh no no... my pets have talked ... ever since i was little. i imagine pete to have an "exctied frat boy" voice.

as i type is he saying (while staring out the window) "I wish Mom would get off that typing machine and take me outside cause its sunny and i see squirrels to chase!"


With Love from New Orleans said...

I totally think Thumper speaks in a French accent too!!!!

Aspen... well we think she sounds.. like there isn't much going on in her head..

*kimmie* said...

What a touching post. Gabby is definitely quite sassy, and her comments probably resemble those of a casually uninterested, the world revolves around me, teenage girl...

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post.

And yes, my pets have baby voices and say their L's as W's HAHAHAH!

Brittany Ann said...

Hi! Love you blog! ANd we totally give our dog on accent! It's part Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and part hyper 9-year-old boy. Was your dog a Great Dane? What a sweet face! We have a Great Dane, and Maddy looks just like her!

LoraBB said...

Oh, you are definitely not the only one who does this! I've given Augustus Cat not just a voice and personality, but an entire life history and cast of eccentric relatives, including a bull-fighting Spanish cousin named Juan Diego. Love the pics of Maddy. The movie on the flight back yesterday was Marley and Me and I couldn't help but think of your sweet girl.