Thursday, March 12, 2009

She's got it together.

Usually a phrase I use to describe someone who's life is together. I picture someone like this: Never a phrase I've used to describe me...although lately I'm rocking her hair:My friend P at work told me that I've got it together.

I laughed. She was serious. I hugged her and told her to come watch me in the exercise class and then tell me how together I am!!

I'm still shaking my head over that one.
Who do you think has it together?


Mrs. Stilettos said...

She certainly does have it together. I think she is just fabulous! I like Julia Roberts a lot too...

Michelle said...

I know this isn't a "she" but I was inspired by an article in Downtowner (memphis) Magazine about a local business man who is now 86 years old. His insights were wise and he seemed to me like a person who has it together. Some of his comments were:
"My experience as a business owner taught me ... you need to recognize the capabilities of the people under you, because quite often, they'll surprise you with what they can do", "I want to be remembered as one who helped when I was needed.". "Most people want someone to listen to them." and "I have never quit." All this is common sense of course, but we seem to see so little of it sometimes and it's good to be reminded.

littlesack said...

i love those random you feel like a total scatterbrain, but somehow you give off the vibe of having it together.

Good for you!

Whitney said...

Love Reese!