Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shin Splints

Ouch! I have shin splints. I've been working out pretty hard lately, but that's not it. I wear heels all the time, but that's not it either.

Did anyone else have absolutely gorgeous weather this weekend? We did. On Sunday I decided to take Hayden (or Hade dog as my precious little nephew calls her) for a nice long walk. We used to walk together pretty much every day - with occasional days off for rain (no one likes the wet dog smell, right?)

This past winter, however, the weather was just not conducive to walking. Plus, I was traveling so often that we didn't really get that many chances to.

I've just recently moved to a pair of training shoes - ones that I can use lifting weights, using cardio machines and in fitness classes (which while I love the after effect, while I'm in there I'm cursing the instructor!). So my shoes are not specifically for running or walking with Hayden.

Which shoes do you think I wore to walk her on Sunday? Yep - those training shoes. Now I'm hobbling around with shin splints. Ouch!


AmyT said...

OUCH - I hate shin splints!!! Yes we had wonderful weather - I'm loving it!!!!

Michelle said...

Hayden is a cutie. Yes, we had perfect weather in Memphis on Sunday and Poppy and I went out for a long walk too. It was so beautiful, we didn't go in until sunset. Hope your shins recover!

littlesack said...

ugh--those are the worst. i used to get them so badly every year training for soccer over the summer. i would cry until my shins got numb (ugh, bad memories)

Anonymous said...

Ouch!! No fun!!

Hayden is very cute...love her color!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I used to get them when I ran track in high school. Not fun:( I feel for you.

Running In Stilettos said...

I went for a jog on the treadmill today and my boss (the owner of the gym) had to come help me off the treadmill.

I got shin splints so bad, my feet and lower legs went numb. She was rubbing them and I was on the floor of our gym sobbing in pain.

How embarassing!

Hope your shins feel better soon! Those things are the pits!

Buford Betty said...

Ouch! But omg I love the sweet puppy face!!!