Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A little bit of Randomness

I won! I was reading through my comments last night with Mr. Potts & I yelped & told him "I won!!" He looked at me a bit blankly and asked what I won. "A giveaway, silly!!"
I was so excited, so I immediately took him over to Julie's page Wearing Mascara. Julie, he thought your page looked great. If you haven't been over to see Julie's new design, make sure you do. And if you're not a follower, you're definitely missing out!


Many of you know of my quest to become more healthy, lose weight and continue to improve my body. Well, I'm happy to report that I have lost 7 pounds. I expect much more to come off, but I know that is time - as well as an awareness of the fact that I have no self-control with food. I sometimes will find myself eating and am not hungry nor do I know how those damn Oreos got into my hand! (that would be the snack machine on the 1st floor)

So with this in mind, we're leaving for Kentucky and the Derby tomorrow. I'd really like a hat like this. We'll be driving up there - he'll be driving & I'll be working on my laptop with the wireless card.

For lunch, I mapped out where we'll stop. Yep, I found the Chick-fil-A in Tennessee which will be a half-way spot and the place where we will eat lunch.

You read it right. I mapped the chick-fil-a. All so I could eat their Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich. Yep, it's that good. Or I'm just that big of a dork.******

Emily over at From the Land of Cotton asked her readers recently (are you a reader of her's? If not, you should go check her out!) what they do for their hair in the humidity (all you Southern girls know that once its here, its here to stay!). Humidity does a real number on my hair. I can get it bone straight, but the minute I walk out the door, it starts to grow as if it had a mind of it's own. It sprouts curls on my forehead. I look like I've got a halo - which if it were Halloween I could try to say it's my angel halo. It kinks up in funky places. When we leave the lake in the summer, I'm a hot mess of hair.

I read in one of my magazines - I get so many of them - that there are several things you should NOT do with the coming weather change.
  • You should not try bangs (been there, done that, have the BAD pictures). You can never be truly sure of what your hair will do when you lose that much length.
  • You shouldn't go uber short unless you've done so in the past. Again, with the weather, you can never tell how your hair my rebel (sounds like a 13 year old girl).
Those are just a few of the things that I remember. One thing that stood out, was a recommendation to have your hair straightened for the summer. So I looked & bionic hair straightening is what Nicole Kidman uses to get her hair bone straight. If it would make my life easier (not to mention me less sweatier after I blow dry my hair), I may do it!

So I'm thinking of doing it for the summer. Anyone have any thoughts, feedback?


Whitney said...

Have fun at the Derby! And congrats on winning that awesome giveaway! Also, I am with you on the Chik Fil A front - I would break landspeed records to get to one!

Jennifer said...

I can offer no help with the hair/humidity dilemma. My hair has only two moves...straight and straighter, not even a hint of curl! Its a blessing and a curse.

Have a great time at the Derby!

And just because you had to bring up Chik Fil A I may have to stop by there for a lemonade with my dinner...

d.a.r. said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! And I have no hair help. I actually usually wear mine curly in the summer as opposed to straightening it because sometimes there is just no fighting it!!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Potts, congrats!! On the win and on the weight loss - go girl! :)

Have so much fun at the Derby!

Amber said...

Congrats on winning! I was THRILLED when I won my first giveaway a couple weeks back. But I'm still waiting for it to come in the mail.

Let us know how the straightening goes if you try it. I've always wanted to give it a try but I'm too chicken. If you love it, I might have to do it too!

Anonymous said...

You are not a dork for finding a Chick-fil-a on your trip to the Derby. I'm very proud that you are sticking to something healthy as I'm one to make traveling in a car a great excuse to "cheat" on eating healthy. Have fun at the Derby!

Shasta said...

I have that flat iron! I just bought it! Wow, I almost feel like I need the "OV-GLOVE" to use it! It is fabulous. COngrats on your weight lose!