Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Early Tuesday Musings

Good morning Everyone! It is 6:45am where I am. I've already worked out - cardio & some weights, showered, cleaned up, gotten dressed and am down in the restaurant working away. As I'm sitting here I'm looking out the window at the stalagmites/stalactites that have been formed from the snow/ice here in Vermont. Wikipedia says that stalagmites grow while stalactites drip (hang).

It looks like my high tomorrow is going to be 5. For those of you in super cold weather environments, how do you deal? Do you hunker down? Do you embrace it? Anyone hug their inner kid & go sledding?

My day will be crammed full of work "stuff". Very busy for me up here. Anyone else getting ready to have a super, super busy day? One where you catch your breath, look up and realize it is already 4pm and you still have tons left to do?

Hope you lovelies all have a wonderful day!


Mrs. Stilettos said...

You GO GIRL!! I am so proud of you for getting out of bed that early and sticking to your workouts...now if only I could convince myself to do it!!

littlesack said...

don't you love that feeling of having so much accomplished so early?! it makes me feel so much better the rest of the day

SassyEngineer said...

Good luck with the cold - the high here is supposed to be 36 tomorrow and that freaks me out a bit!

Kristen said...

I'm crammed full of work stuff today and it is really getting in the way of my blogging! :-)

We don't get that cold much but Fri could be 12 as a low. When it's "cold" here I just layer on clothes and grab a blanket!

LoraBB said...

Cold, schmold. : )

As a born and bred Mid-Westerner I can tell you that we don't stop unless there are 30 inches of snow outside! And at least here in the city we consider it a test of worth. Those who make it through (and we do lose many along the way) are rewarded with the most amazing city with so many wonderful outdoor treats. There's a reason we have so many festivals and outdoor events all summer! Hang in there!

StylishSuburban said...

Thanks for the nice post Mrs. Potts you are very sweet!