Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long Day Gone

I started to title this "Wasted Day" but realized that it was a negative title. I'm extra aware of negativity and am trying very hard to keep positive thoughts in my head.

I had to drive to Atlanta today - I'll be here until Friday afternoon. We're working with contractors here and my boss wanted us to have at least a half day with them. I arrived at 1pm - I left Charlotte around 8:30am and stopped for gas & a quick lunch. Conversation with my boss from yesterday:

Me: "So, Mrs. Boss, what time do you want me there by tomorrow?"
Mrs. B: "Sometime around 1pm - yeah, 1pm."
Me: "Ok, great! I'll see you in Atlanta! Travel safely!"
Mrs. B: "You too! I'll ping you when I leave."
Me: "Sounds good."

I knew at that point that the following things probably would occur:
A. I would arrive by 1pm
B. Mrs. B would not leave in time to arrive by 1pm
C. I'd get an email around 9am saying that she was running late

Did I tell ya' I'm psychic? Ok, I was a little off on her timing. I didn't get an email at 9am, I got a phone call at 10am! Which means she probably didn't leave until 10:30.

It is now 3:50pm & Mrs. B still has not arrived. Which leads me back to my original thought for a post title.


So what is the "norm" for the person you report to? Do you expect them to be late? Are you annoyed if they are? Are you a patient person? (Last question is just in general - I'm not, so if you are, I'm going to ask how you achieve that zen state of patience.)


Whitney said...

Well. I just generally don't expect my boss to be anything I think he should be. But that's MY boss. He is not the best.
When you meet someone with patience for their superior - please, let me know! Have fun in Atlanta!

SassyEngineer said...

My boss is nice but never on time! I never expect him in much before 9 or 9:30 when everyone else gets in at 8 AM. PS - I left you a little award on my blog :)

Kristen said...

Fortunately I have a really great boss and I can honestly say she is my friend. I know where the line is and if I don't then I figure there is a line. She is good to work for.
I guess it's good that you know these things about yours so you know what to expect.

Michelle said...

Happily, I currently have a great boss - always on time, always easy to work with!