Monday, January 5, 2009

Omelet from a Bag...

Have you ever heard of making an omelet in a Ziplock bag? Both my step-mom and my step-dad in law sent me an email with instructions about how to do this. I tried it first when I hosted a bridesmaid brunch the day we went to look at bridesmaid dresses - I figured that feeding people & plying them with mimosas and bloody mary's would make the whole process less painful. The omelets were a hit! They're so easy to make & you can add any ingredients you want. In addition, the clean up time is shorter! They're so shockingly easy that I make them at work all the time!
My way of doing things; I don't use measurements when I do this. Sometimes I use more veggies, sometimes less. The type of cheese really depends on 2 things: 1) What kind I'm in the mood for & 2) Have we been grocery shopping lately. Lack of supplies can really cut down on creativity.

What I use
3 eggs (1 whole egg/2 egg whites)
Green Peppers chopped finely
Onion chopped finely
Cheese - you can use what you like
A splash of skim milk
ziplock bag

How I do it
Beat eggs with splash of milk
Pour into ziplock bag
Add veggies & cheese
Seal bag
Shake bag to mix ingredients
Put into microwave

Here's the tricky part. Depending on the strength of your microwave, you'll need to keep an eye on the bag or it will explode. Which creates a mess. Trust me on this one.
I usually set the timer for a minute at work (high power microwave) and watch until the bag expands almost to the point of popping open. At this point, remove bag from microwave using caution - bag (& ingredients will be HOT!) Open bag slightly & place back into the microwave. Resume cooking - for me this is about 1-1 1/2 minutes.

Remove bag from microwave - again, contents & bag are HOT!
Open bag fully & slide your omelet onto your plate. Garnish as desired - although if like me, you do this at work, you probably won't have garnish.

Sit back satisfied that you have "cooked" breakfast, it is healthy & you don't have a mess to clean up.


Kristen said...

My mom went to a breakfast party and they had everyone make their own omlet this way. She really enjoyed it.
I haven't tried it but it looks cool

SassyEngineer said...

I might have to try this - I am horrible at omelets in the skillet. My hubby makes the best ones so I just let him do it :)

AmyT said...

hmm sounds pretty interesting...I'll have to try it!

Daniel said...

Thanks. I just made scrambled eggs for brekafast (With pepperjack cheese and salsa) And I think I'll do this for lunch today.