Friday, June 19, 2009

Honesty is the BEST Policy

Brittany Ann over at Living in the Moment shared this Honest Scrap with me. I'm supposed to list 10 honest things about me & pass it on.

Here goes!!

1. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding if I've spelled simple words correctly. Words like THE & GOES. I don't know why, but I end up looking at the word for at least a minute before I finally decide that if spell check didn't tell me it was wrong, I must be right!

2. I had a police officer talk to me over his loud thingy on top of his car (I think most people would call that a speaker?) this week. He was informing me that my tag was expired.
His exact words? "You're lucky I'm on my way somewhere. These tickets are usually $150."
My response? "I had no clue! I'll get that taken care of."
As he began to drive off, I had to stop him to ask him how to take care of it. And yes, I just looked at the word CARE for a minute before deciding it was spelled correctly.

3. I secretly think that Hayden wishes I'd not come along. Then she'd still be able to sleep on the couch, sleep on the bed, etc.

4. I'm eating (or trying to eat) less processed foods and fewer simple carbohydrates. I feel better (& less bloated) when I don't eat them as often. Although Mr. Potts had a baked potato the other night & I begged him for a few bites.
5. Speaking of food, I have to be the last person to order when out with a group. I like to hear what everyone else is getting and I can't make up my mind 100% until I hear everyone else's order.

6. When stressed out, I pick at my fingernails & toenails. I don't bite them. I just pick at them. I know, it's gross, but it's a stress reliever for me. My toenails never look nice because of this!

7. I look like Kelly Bundy right now, my roots are so out of control. Enough said.

8. I have wooly caterpillars crawling across my forehead right now. Yes, my eyebrows are that out of control. And my waxer didn't have an opening until next week. I googled fuzzy caterpillars & the images kind of grossed me out, so I couldn't put one on here.

9. I got sucked into The Real Housewives of New Jersey & DVR'ed all the episodes so I could watch them. I LOVE Theresa!!10. This list was REALLY hard for me!

I'm passing this on to whomever has not had this or who would like to do it.

Mr. Potts and I are off to the mountains for the weekend to see his dad & step-mom. I'm so looking forward to getting away!!


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend. I do the same thing with simple words sometimes. I don't know why. as for your cop incident I was laughing so hard! I was just trying to picture that happening. haha

Lindsey said...

Haha you crack me up! And I am craving a baked potato now, mmm!!

littlesack said...

that pics of baked potato looks so good!!
glad you are getting away, you deserve it.

Wearing Mascara said...

Hahaha I LOVE Theresa too! It's the best show ever!

Brittany Ann said...

I, too, have to be the last to order! If not, it totally makes me nervous.


hope you had a great weekend!! i havent commented on your blog in forever, i'm sorry!! :(

Lis said...

I hope you had a great trip!! Let me know if you didn't get my emails! :)

I also love the real housewives - SO addicting!! I am trying to cut down on the carbs - it's just so hard because they taste SO delish! :)