Monday, June 1, 2009

Leaving on a Jetplane (cue music)

It's early Monday morning and I'm getting read to fly to Portland, ME to "work" with my co-worker from hell. Delivering a team building session of all things!

I promised pictures of my niece & Hayden from two weekends ago, but have not had an opportunity to upload them. I will soon.

So, for your enjoyment, here is the place I will be heading to today.I'll walk down cobblestone streets to get to my favorite restaurants.
Isn't this beautiful?


Anonymous said...

Haha.. I love that you have "cue music". As soon as I saw Leaving on a jetplane, I started singing it to myself. Have a good time. It looks gorgeous!

Barb said...

love the photos have a safe trip....Barb

Brittany Ann said...

Hang in there with that nightmare of a co-worker! Kill her with your sweet charm, hun!

Melissa said...

Wow that is beautiful! I love lighthouses.
I hope you have a safe trip and that your co worker isn't as bad as you are expecting!