Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday!

MckMama started this fun idea for Mondays and I picked it up from LittleSack (who is back from Italy! Go tell her "hi!"). MckMama began this as a way to admit some of her imperfections and reveal a few moments she'd rather forget. She thought others may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing - I did!

I did not open a bottle of white wine as soon as I got home Friday afternoon. I did not proceed to have two glasses on our deck with Mr. Potts while we were waiting to get ready to go to dinner. Not me!I did not go Southern on a man when he had messed up my UHaul rental. Ok, yeah, I really did, but when you do it well, it works!!

I did not have two drinkies (as our friends call drinks) over at their pool on Sunday. I did not finish both of these 24 oz mojito drinkies and then promptly pass out on the lawn chair to "nap".I did not nap for another two hours when we got home while Mr. Potts went to the HOA meeting & then the summer BBQ for the neighborhood. I did not keep napping when the meeting was done & he asked if I was going to come down. I did make it down, albeit an hour later than scheduled.

I did not go right to bed after our BBQ ended - hey, it was 9:30 by then!

What did you "not" do this weekend?


Lindsey said...

Hahaha love it! Your weekend sounds similar to mine! I drank lots of yummy wine this weekend at a grad party, good times!

Anonymous said...

hahaha... you deserve to have a weekend like that! :)